2016: The Year of Reading // Backstory

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Without much preamble so I don't get psyched out by writing in this space for the first time this year really (!!!), I'm going to jump right in (and break bloggy rules about not including photos or anything pretty to look at...Sorry!).

I read more books in 2016 than I've read in the past 5 years combined. I'm so thrilled to be back in the swing of reading, as it has been my favorite pastime for all of my life. I give full credit to two things: number one, my Kindle Paperwhite, and number two, my bff Erin—we had newborns around the same time in 2015, and she kept mentioning to me some of the kindle reading she was doing while nursing. Through two babies, I'd lamented (to myself) all of the wasted time spent surfing my phone or watching TV while nursing, and the idea of using that time for reading was so appealing (and good for your brain!). For some reason, I'd let myself get caught in this self-perpetuating cycle of "needing" to be reading either really worthwhile parenting books or literary fiction "worth my time." Erin's example helped me throw this out the window for this season of life, which was so refreshing/freeing—I just needed to be reading books that would keep my eyelids open! So last summer (2015), I got back in the swing with page-turning type reads like JoJo Moyes and Liane Mortiarty. I'd look forward to 2 AM nursing sessions and even stay up sometimes finishing a book.

I loved this little graphic I stumbled across via Modern Mrs Darcy's Facebook posts:

With the exception of #1 (ha) and sort of #5, I can vouch for all of these recommendations!

I also learned (game-changer!) how to check out kindle books from the library via Overdrive app, and also audiobooks through the OneClick Digital app, saving me tons of $$! (Reading this post helped me to get familiar and comfortable with OverDrive!)

In 2015, I read books like:

- Light Between Oceans
- Me Before You
- Big Little Lies
- What Alice Forgot
- One Plus One
- Eleanor & Park
- Attachments
- Little Beach Street Bakery
- All the Light We Cannot See (my fave of 2015, hands-down)

When I got back to work after George (fall of 2015), I was sitting in my office one day feeling like the edges of my brain were fraying. My short-term memory was awful, and I felt like I was being pulled in a million directions. Solution? I wanted some accountability to reading books so I could (try to!) keep my mind sharp. From here, my friend Leanne and I hatched our plan to start the "Read It or Leaf Book Club." Having never been in a book club before, I was really inspired by this post, and we tried to adhere to the spirit of what she outlines when we began. (The bonus of this book club was that we tried to compile a group of people that didn't really know each other before—at most, someone knew 3 people, which is a super fun way to do it if you can figure it out.)

I'll continue this series with posts of what I read in 2016 for each quarter. Boring perhaps, but I have grown to LOVE reading these lists on the internet and getting ideas.

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  1. Okay, again MISSED this post!? I was looking for the "how does she do this" post. Here it is ;) okay, next post for you- what YOUR book club looks like. Rules, policies, what you talk about. I'm starting mine this year (because of your blog post here)— teach me your ways.


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