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Monday, January 05, 2015

Haven't we all been waiting for this year for...years?

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We are full-on into January, with bleak temperature forecasts, zero leaves left, and frozen landscape staring back at us through frosty windows.

Going through the holidays pregnant is fun in its own way--so much promise and unknowns looking forward to the next Christmas! And, you can't really "diet" per se come January 1 (though you can feel like you've definitely overindulged, need to cool it on the sugar, and quit indulging in so many long-winters'-naps (or maybe that's just me)).

This year, I was able to take a nice break from work, and enjoyed a good chunk of days at home with me and the little girls (their school closes the week between Christmas and New Year's, and with Daddy not in school this year to watch them, Mommy got to take the break!). Jonathan had some time off too, which was much-needed for all of us and so much appreciated.

We had such a wonderful Christmas with the girls! It was so fun! As I mentioned before, they had no expectations, mostly just excitement and joy with everything we did! Santa brought them one toy each and a book, and filled their stockings with mainly chapstick (oops) and new art supplies. Mommy and Daddy gave them each an ornament. I hope, along with Santa's help, we can retain this structure throughout the years, or shift over to the want/need/wear/read/give kind of model. Juliette got a doctor kit and Molly got a new baby doll (hopefully to help her practice a little for our new baby). Both are hits so far!

Look at these sisters so proud of their sister Elsa & Anna dolls from Nana and Papa:

I'm a little obsessed with how proud they look in this picture. Oh man. So so cute. Christmas with little kids is the best!

We made these cookies for Santa Christmas Eve afternoon (I made them a few years ago for the cookie exchange and they're a great gingerbread stand-in). Juliette wanted to leave Santa 8 cookies and was only slightly dismayed that he seemed to have only eaten 5. Ha.

Since Christmas, I've really been thinking a lot about how I want our Christmases in the future to look...what traditions I want to start, how I want to structure our day/the days leading up. Lots of good conversations with Jonny about this, and I look forward to revisiting it next November/December.

(above) Here are our little Christmas gnomes on Christmas Day, with cousin Jane (the best pic we could get!). Such a wonderful day at Grammy's, and we were all tired little chickens with full bellies crawling into our beds that night.

We're so enjoying our new swing set from Grammy & Deeda, on days that are not frigid/rainy (and even on some days that are!). SO excited to have this for this coming year! Cannot wait to take the girls outside in the summer with the new baby to swing.

WHY is this picture so funny? One, because she made me take it. It's a redux of what we did for our Christmas card (which I need to belatedly post)--Juliette insisted one day when we got home from somewhere (good and well after Christmas), that she wanted me to retake her picture and posed like this all on her own. What is this expression? I do not know.

Speaking of ham, I made my first ham on New Years Eve! This one. It wasn't that hard at all and turned out pretty well I think? I bought a half ham shank for not too much $, and it was pretty easy. I have yet to make soup from the leftovers, and the window might be closing on that. Maybe today (hopefully)!

I've gained a little energy back, and no longer crawl into bed as soon as the little ones' lights are out. Nesting has kicked in a little, but beyond putting away Christmas decorations and cleaning/cleaning out toys (which took a few days and still felt so good), everything is still theoretical.

Step one of real nesting is Operation Girls' Shared Room. I'm half excited and half scared about the sleep disruptions that will ensue, but also want to give us plenty of cushion before New Baby comes (or Captain Hook, as Juliette calls him/her). Plus there's a lot of cleaning out/reorganizing/shifting around that needs to occur for them to officially share. Maybe I'll be able to get myself together and do some before/afters of now-Juliette's/future shared room. Then it's on to neutralize the nursery and maybe even some work in the kitchen (I HOPE!). 

Happy New Year!!! I hope yours is full of fresh starts or continuing survival, whichever season of life you're in. Either way, this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. We are so grateful for this life.

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  1. I love so much about this post. But the thing I love the most is that Jules is calling the baby, "Captain Hook." I silent laughed so hard over that! xoxo


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