Let's Do This

Monday, August 18, 2014

The longer I break from this space, the harder it is to come back. In the back of my mind all last week were post ideas, swirling around my brain...then, this small/ridiculous voice would whisper in my ear, "no one would care about that," or "who would want to read that?" or "is this really important enough to break your sudden/short-ish blog hiatus?" Then I would get psyched out and fold some laundry or go read Outlander. "Tomorrow," I'd think. "Tomorrow."

Here I am, Monday night, with nothing super profound or overly important to say. But I'm here. In my little space, putting fingers to the keyboards. Write, self!

The past few weeks of news have felt truly nuts, you guys. It really feels like the world is fraying around the edges. Between the Ebola epidemic, what's going in Iraq, and what's been happening in our own country (not too far from here) in Ferguson, MO... my heart is so heavy. Lord, come quickly. I get the luxury of sitting here, meditating on the heaviness of all of this, praying...it doesn't make sense.


Adjusting to residency/my new work schedule hasn't been that bad (thus far). One has offset the pain of the other, in a lot of ways. I love having an extra hour in the mornings, and two in the afternoons. In the old regime, I would have to cobble together a little business-casual on my person, get the toots dressed with all of their accoutrements in tow, and leave our house by the very late hour of 7:20 AM in order to get everyone everywhere on time. Well, no longer, my friends. We can leave a few minutes before 8:30 and all make it where we need to be on-time. It's been so great. We actually eat breakfast sitting down! Ha. The girls get to play for a bit! Heck, I even get to sit down and read them a book or two (how bad does it feel telling your kid you can't read them a book right now because you're in a rush(allthetime)? oh, it's the worst).

Our afternoons have involved lots of blow-up pool/sprinkler time in the backyard, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, the park--summer goodness. The nights when Jonathan has gotten home around bedtime, I've been able to jet out for a little run/walk C25K action (sans Jules, she's over it for now), which has felt so good. We're staring down a pretty sweltering week coming up, but otherwise this has been (broken record of America) the mildest summer and ohmygoodness I love it. It's mid-August and we're finally getting a full-on hot week. I can deal with this--the light is at the end of the tunnel.

The evenings (writing time) have been a little more difficult to manage, with Juliette going to bed later, and the chores piling up. I finish all the chores and it's time to go to sleep! This is the life of everyone, I know / #nothingnewunderthesun. Just not sure where this fits into our new world order.

I never regret writing posts here, if for no other reason than I like to read them years down the line. This blog may only be for me, but I want to try to keep the wheels in motion.


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