End of Summer

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's still hot in Memphis (even though the bulk of summer was blissfully mild!), so it's easy for me to forget that technically, Madame Summer is about to exit stage left (hello, Labor Day). This morning, when I was getting the girls dressed, I suddenly felt this compulsion to put them in super summery things that would technically be faux-pas next week (though I'll not strictly adhere to this...just saying it out loud).

Jonathan picked up this dress (and a matching one for then-tiny Molly!) on a medical trip to Guatemala last year. It's shorter on her than it was last year of course, but still fits my big girl:

We just got these gold Supergas for the fall (I lucked out on a sale!), and I am loving them big-time. They're the perfect gold! Not too shiny, not too bright, not too dull, no glitter...just the cutest things.

I dressed Molly in her little white Mexican dress today plus piggies, so use your imagination for all things labeled Maximum Cute.

We had a fun week because Daddy had two days off this week (after working many many days in a row). We enjoyed the last baseball game of the season for our hometown AAA team, which followed pizza and the girls' first trip to see the world-famous Peabody Ducks' march to the elevator and back up to their duck palace for the evening.

In between school/work/outings, one can usually find Juliette dressed as Elsa, traipsing around the house letting-it-go.

This weekend, we're going to enjoy relaxing and an extra day together, playing outside and possibly hitting up the zoo. I think I love riding the train as much as they do.

These are truly the days!

Have a wonderful three-day weekend--I won't tell anyone if you're wearing your white sandals come Tuesday.


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