Leftover Quinoa "Stir Fry"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

This afternoon, we had the end-of-the-year parties at the girls' school. They're about to be promoted to the next room up, which always makes my heart ache a little. These years go by so quickly....Juliette is about to be in her FOURTH classroom at our school! I just can't believe it. And we have her birthday coming up too... heart. ache.

So we got home a little later than usual tonight (later for our new schedule later...yay!), and I needed to put some dinner together quickly. The kiddies weren't too hungry because there had been snacks at the parties.

I scanned our fridge real quick and saw:

- rotisserie chicken, already pulled off the chicken
- cooked but unseasoned quinoa, leftover from another recipe
- green beans from last night
- eggs

Hmm. We tried a new ramen/yakitori restaurant last night, so I already had rice dish/stir fry-ish things on the brain. I thought, what the heck? I'll give it a whirl.

Isn't it pretty? Ha.

This could obviously work with myriad ingredients, but the idea is using LEFTOVERS.

Here's what:

1. Melt some coconut oil or butter in an omelette pan and let it get hot over medium heat.
2. Added however much quinoa (depending on how many you're cooking for) and let it heat up (rice would work too, obv).
3. Crack 1-2 eggs into the pan, let them cook a bit.
4. Shred some of the rotisserie chicken in the pan (any meat would work).
5. Then add some green beans (or something green).
6. Season with onion powder, garlic salt, s&p...it probably would've been nice to cook some onion and garlic at first, but I was in a hurry and doing this on the fly!

Cooking without measuring anything=my favorite.

If you care, this is technically gluten-free (wink), but not Whole30 compliant (the quinoa).


  1. We make a version of this all the time! Lewis loves it!

  2. Oh the last minute throw-everything-in meals! They sometimes end up being the best.


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