The Big Day

Sunday, June 01, 2014

One of the greatest days of my life, no doubt.

He did it! Doctor, officially.

Words can't really express how proud I am of this man. This was not an easy road. It was long, windy, and contained several obstacles along the way. Do you know what he did at each turn, at each obstacle? He put his nose down and kept working. He never stopped pursuing his dream. I cannot wait to share these stories, share about this character, with my children. He is my hero.

Friday was one of those other-worldly wonderful days, every minute containing a little magic. I felt so happy, so ready to finally celebrate my husband and his accomplishments. Seven years in the making.

The providential part of this whole experience has been walking through school with Jonathan's brother Michael and his wife Jamie. I am so thankful we have been able to share every step of this experience with them! We'll miss them so much (they have moved away for residency).

The Doctors Jerkins:

And even more of them (J's uncle and cousin!):

(Jonathan's grandmother, "Mama," must have had the biggest smile in heaven at this sight!)

Friday evening we had a small, celebratory catered dinner with family over at our house. Before everyone got there, I plugged my old iPhone into our record player to play Pandora through the wifi, and chose "Classic Soul" (Memphis, I guess). The first song was "At Last" by Etta James. No one else was around to share the little moment with me, but it felt pretty serendipitous.

I will probably treasure this one forever. Molly was just not having it during these photos. It was pretty hot (as soon as we got in the car with the air on full blast, she calmed down). And I'm not sure what Jules is doing with her face, but man! My favorites.

It was such a happy day! I know there is more challenge and hard work ahead, for all of us... but it was so wonderful to have a day when we could just celebrate and be happy for making it here, for finishing this chapter.

Thanks be to God.

*All photos but the last one are by my brother-in-law Stephen Jerkins, who was so gracious with his talents on Friday. Thanks, bro.


  1. What a splendid day, indeed! And goodness, that first picture. Perfect!

  2. Oh man I just cried reading this! So happy for all the Jerkins. Love!

  3. Love all of the pictures! Gosh, I know the exact feelings you described...been there for the before, during and after. Residency graduation in less than one month and the feelings are all flooding back. Congratulations, Jerkins Family!

  4. Like everyone else, I'm so happy for y'all. And congrats to you, Leslie! Med school was a lot of hard work for you too (maybe even harder than Jonathan)! ;) Way to support, encourage, and celebrate him!

  5. PS- "and I'm not sure what Jules is doing with her face..." Cracked me up. Gotta love trying to get good family pictures these days.

  6. What an awesome day!!! So happy for you guys!!

  7. so SO happy for y'all, and love all of these pictures, especially the first one! it's a framer :) congratulations to you & the new Dr.!


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