New Chapter

Monday, June 23, 2014

How happy and thankful I am today to be able to talk about a new chapter that's begun for me: no longer working a full-time schedule. I know you're not supposed to write about your job on the internet, so I'll keep this very general: I have a new job, at a new company (in downtown Memphis! fun!), and will be working a "reduced" schedule (9-3 every day). I can't tell you how much relief and joy this brings my soul.

After match day, I was feeling all sorts of conflicting things--so happy for my husband, of course, to have his dreams coming happy we were going to be able to stay in our hometown, in our house, surrounded by our friends and family... but then, also, a little sad in a strange way. All of these things were changing for Jonathan, but life for me was going on like nothing had changed at all. I was happy, but also a little resentful underneath... feeling like I'd worked so hard for all of these years, right alongside Jonathan, but now I was going be stuck in my own version of Groundhog Day, or "m├ętro, boulot, dodo" as they say (I remember learning that phrase in high school French, feeling so depressed by the thought...ah, but it's real).

Returning from maternity leave twice, I always deeply craved more time with my children. No matter how many months passed, no matter how in sync our routine would get, that sinking feeling that I needed more time with them never went away. Every mommy is different (of course!) in what works for them balancing children and career, and I'm not really sure there's a perfect answer (though I'm glad there's such a dialogue taking place right now). For me, I'd been carrying this (sometimes suffocating) almost grief over what I've been missing with them, needing more.

As it usually seems to, thanks be to God, the way everything happened could not have been orchestrated more perfectly. And it's come to pass--day one, under my belt. I'm really excited about my work, my company, co-workers, office location (the girls' school is right on the way), etc.

PLUS ....

It was 4:00 PM and we were all at the Costco today (!). Right!?

I am proud to been able to help support my family for so many years while Jonathan's been in school. But I am so, so grateful that it's worked out for me to have some more time with my precious ones. Just look at those faces.  :)


  1. Hi Leslie, I know you can't say where you work, but I'm curious what you do. I work full time right now, but also feel a pull to be with my 15 mos daughter at home. I'm hoping to work part time after we have another (?!).

    1. Hi Meredith! I'm working in account service for an ad agency. They were really amenable to the idea of a reduced schedule from the outset. I'm really thankful, and I do feel like workplaces are getting more and more open to alternate schedule ideas. Good luck!

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I can so relate! Love these posts about working moms:


  3. Oh that French reference made this French teacher happy! I'm sure you'll love the reduced hours. :) God is good.

  4. A well deserved schedule, my friend. I'm so thrilled for you!

  5. So happy for you!

  6. I understand the grief feeling, friend. Very happy for you and your new chapter!

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