Molly's First Year

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

He done it again.

Let me gush for a minute. These videos are all my husband. He's the one throughout the year who would say, "Ooh, let's get out the camera," or "we need some footage of Molly doing _____." My lame brain cannot track with that regularly (I'm the worst at remembering), so I am beyond thankful that Jonny is on top of this.

These are absolute treasures, I know.

My favorite parts are 1) when Juliette wants to give teeny Molly a "high-five" soooo bad and cannot hold herself back, 2) when Jules jumps close to Molly on her bed in their matching jammies and Molly smiles so big, and 3) Molly's 6 month photos on the quilt in the yard, looking so happy. She has been the happiest little baby, so content and agreeable, and this video really seems to capture it.

My little Molly's first year highlights:

A Year of Molly from Jonathan Jerkins on Vimeo.

More video goodness:
Christmas 2013
Juliette's 2nd birthday
Juliette at 17 months


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