Emerald Coast

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We've been enjoying a lovely time with my side of the family on the "Emerald Coast" of the Florida panhandle.

Jonny and I hadn't been to the beach since 2007 (shout-out to Bo & Kate!). Every summer, I've been seeing people's beach photos on social media and would sigh a little inside, fighting the jealousy. I'm so so so grateful it worked out with all of our schedules (and my parents' generosity) for us to come this year!  :)

Jules has been in heaven. Digging, digging, digging in that sand, or ferrying buckets of water around. She's pretty scared of the water (pool and ocean), and keeps a death grip around the neck of whoever takes her in. I think I'd rather her be scared of the water than fearless. Her favorite part has probably been her Grammy being around 24/7. Living in town with parents is of course awesome in myriad ways, but I didn't really realize that we never get extended time with them. It's nice!

Molly decided to save up getting a canine tooth for this trip, so she's had some tough/fussier moments. She loves the sand too, though, and the little baby pool under a tent on the beach. All three of the babies love it.

Just being around the house with the fam (and tiny baby Jane!) has been almost magic. So relaxing! Vacation with babies is definitely work, but so fun and so worth it to watch the wonder and joy in their little faces experiencing all these new things.

Shout-out to this guy, who enjoyed his Father's Day on the beach. He's our rock.

More pics on instagram!


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