These Girls

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh, my heart. Watching these two together has become one of my favorite things to do with my eyeballs.

▲▲"Molly, you're a big girl like me!" says big sister. This precious little kid-sized booth was just too much to take. Look at that Molly with her very own smoothie. Oh my.

In an effort to carpe diem before residency, we've been heading to the lake pretty often. Jules loves it (I think Molly does too, but she can't really tell me that yet). She asked us this morning, "can we go back to the lake?" She calls the house "the lake" and the actual lake "the pool." Whatev.

It was a great low-key Memorial Day weekend, just the four of us. Oh, and our fifth wheel, the Whole 30. Cumbersome on trips, yes, but again, nice to not feel bloated and yucky from too much snacking. We ate well, and even enjoyed a dinner at the cabin (including ample-ish back porch conversation) with the Carpenters! So fun. 

Anyway, back to these girls.

I love them. They're just becoming the best little buddies.

▲▲ Looking at the deer in the front yard (which you can't see in this pic, sorry)! I took this one from inside the window (pardon the glare). There was a baby deer who just snoozed in the front yard almost all Sunday afternoon!

The "exciting news" I alluded to earlier is that my sister and I are going to publish an August 2014-August 2015 day planner that will be for sale soon! (I posted a preview on instagram here.) They will be for sale through this blog, hopefully within the next couple of days. Don't you worryI'll let you know when! :)


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