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Friday, May 23, 2014

This has really been a big week for me personally that I hope to write about soon. I've started several posts in my drafts folder, but nothing has really come together for me solidly in post-form until now. I am forcing the issue now...meanwhile:

So! I've been posting a few updates on instagram from time to time, but Jonathan and I are on day 20-something (23?) of Whole30. It's been going really wellI feel like we've shifted into an autopilot phase, where I don't really feel like it's any extra effort to make the food choices we're making. It's just the way we eat for now. Our last day is next Thursday, which is the day before Jonathan's graduation. This is working out beautifully to be able to loosen up a bit for celebrations surrounding graduation.

What will we do after the 30 days are over? 

I still have some weight I'd like to lose, so I will likely continue on in this fashion, not sure exactly how yet, for a while longer. I love the way Lesley has been approaching it—eating "clean"/paleo mostly, with one "treat meal" per week. The only thing I'm really itching to go back to is half-and-half in my coffee. Besides that, I love the way I feel, the energy I have, and the restorative sleep I'm getting. We went on a weekend trip to the lake, a situation in which I normally would've snacked my face offwe stuck to our whole30 ways, and I never felt down on myself or crappy all weekend. Despite all the extra prep effort, it was so nice!

A few things we've made:

Almond-crusted chicken fingers with roasted sweet potato chunks (peeled/diced sweet potatoes tossed in herbes de provence, s & p, and olive oil), with a simple salad.

Breakfast has been the most challenging time of the day to feel creative. It's early and I've got to get to work and don't want to do a bunch of chopping or finesse-ing...

Our basic formula is: eggs cooked some way, chicken apple sausage (Costco, compliant), plus a veggie sauteed some way.

At this point I sort of feel like I'm eating breakfast just for fuel's sake. But I guess that's OK. Usually we have some sort of fruit out that we eat alongside this. The kids still love eggs and this sausage too, but we give them other things too like a banana or toast or their cheerios.

I'm excited for the three-day weekend! And I'm excited to reveal something else that's been in the works...

And (finally) ... congrats to MARILYN for winning the Langford Market gift card giveaway!


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