Cordelia Clothing!

Friday, May 16, 2014

I am soooo excited for my good friend Trisha, who has launched her girls' clothing line, Cordelia!

We had the supreme fortune of a little try-on session with Juliette in some of her "portfolio" of dresses, and let me tell you, they are darling. High-quality, such beautiful craftsmanship. Trisha's skills leave me greeeen with envy. She is TOO GOOD!

Look at my sweet girl:

Jules has lots of opinions about her clothing these days, so it's no small feat for Mommy when she'll slip something on without a fight. She looooves wearing this dress (and those little gold oxfords just slay me in the best way)!

We may or may not have been above bribing her to do this little photo-shoot with that blue lollipop. I don't know why in the world she has this expression, but BAH! Ha ha ha. Serious about a blue sucker, that kid.

(We have so much work to do in this flower bed, but gah, that climatis, right!!! Gorgeous.)

A million thanks to my girl Trisha for this dress. Consider me a long-time customer! I can't wait to see what else you come up with! If you're lucky enough to be a girl-mom with a child between the ages of 2-6, be sure to check out Trisha's site and make your order. :)


  1. they are all so adorable! and emailed the link to a bunch of friends!!


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