our anniversary is on earth day (4-22)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yesterday was a normal Tuesday. We went to work, took the kids to school, ran errands at lunch, made dinner...but it was also a special day, remembering our wedding day 8 years ago. I emailed my friend Leanne yesterday, and was like, "8 years is long but also not," and she said, "Exactly...like, whoa, almost a decade, but whoa, you still have (Lord willing) 50 more years to go!"

I like being at this stage of our marriage/adulthood where we can enjoy any old activity, so long as we're together. And ha! That we did (as I posted on instagram last night), since we attended an urban planning lecture last night (this, if you're interested...now that we're staying in Memphis, I'm excited to dig our heels in even more and see what we can do to help improve our city). Not a super romantic date, I know, but we are planning some other fun/out-of-the-ordinary stuff for the weekend.

Um, child bride alert, as you can see! If you're good at math (I just turned 30 two weeks ago), you'll realize that we got married two weeks after my 22nd birthday. Eeee! Wouldn't change a thing though. Everyone makes their own decisions, obviously, but I love that I've shared my entire adulthood with Jonathan. Learned how to do stuff alongside him. Struggled. Paid bills. Saved. Traveled. Worked terrible jobs. Made big decisions. Worked some great jobs. (Almost) got one of us through professional school.

We've developed who we are as adults together, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I like to think one of the strengths of our relationship is that we give each other room to think through things...form opinions...and then love to come together to discuss and either agree, or support each other in our differences.

I love this man and the family/life we've made together. Everything is of course not always perfect (not even close), but I think it's a good sign when I'm only excited about all of the adventures that await us.

* Can we talk real quick about how nice it is to not care about weddings anymore? I don't mean this in a snotty way....I just mean, we had our wonderful / fairy tale / beautiful / fun wedding day, but it's now far enough in the past that I couldn't really care less about any decisions we made about anything for it. I love weddings and looking at beautiful images of them, but the trends are like, three cycles ago by this point so who cares. I'm just glad to be married!

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  1. Love that you've posted throughout the years. Such a neat thing to have documented :)
    And of course, killer wedding!


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