Little-Biscuits! and portrait door signs

Thursday, April 10, 2014

If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you may have seen my post about this already this week but here goes.

This is a big week for my friend and pen pal, the ever-talented Hannah Carpenter, who has launched her portrait site, Little-Biscuits, after months of hard work (and more hard work).

I am among the very lucky (I know!) to have had Hannah draw my children for her site... not gonna lie, it's pretty exciting going to her site and seeing my little chickies staring back at me!

Isn't Hannah's talent breathtaking? I am pretty obsessed with how she captured my little cuties.

There are really a million ways you could use your digital portrait! Little-Biscuits cleverly offers 8 downloadable templates when you purchase your portrait (I wanna get some of those dress-me notepads done for Jules sometime soon)! I have already used Molly's portrait for some cupcake toppers and on a banner at her birthday party, as well as on the invitation and thank-you cards.

But I was looking for a way to hang them on the wall and be able to look at them every day and thought of this door-sign idea.

Back-story because I can't help it: in typical first-time mom excitement preparing a nursery, I made a yarn wreath for Juliette's nursery. It moved with her to her big-girl room, but Molly's nursery door has sadly been blank her entire life (#secondchildprobs). I'd already been brainstorming how to remedy this, when I realized these portraits were the perfect solution!

When picking up a few supplies for the birthday party at Michaels, I grabbed these 5x7 frame-less frames (not sure the technical term?) for maybe $3.99 each (cheaper if you have the 40% off coupon on their iPhone app....or yeah, a paper coupon). (Please pardon the following iPhone pics, I was too excited to stop and get out the other camera at this point.)

Then I laid out the portraits in my design software at a 5x7 size, adding their names below and then printing on photo paper so it would look a little shiny.

Used my paper cutter to cut them out and frame...

And voila! Now that I've written all that out it feels silly because this isn't even really a craft it's so simple. Oops. 

We have hollow-core doors (boo), so I didn't want to attempt nailing them into the doors. I had some of these 3M command strips lying around, so I just stuck one to the back of each of the clips holding the frame together (4 total), and then stuck to the door with some force. They seem surprisingly sturdy on there.

This hallway has zero natural light so I wasn't able to get a good photo of them hanging side-by-side on their respective doors. Use your imagination. (And those ceiling fans...gah.)

I love how clean and simple they look on the doors. The girls love to point at them, Molly especially.

Assuming you utilize a 40% off coupon, you could complete this project for around $3ish/pop.

Thank you again to Hannah for capturing my "little biscuits" at ages 2.5 and 1, respectively. Such a sweet snapshot of them at this stage of life -- I know we will treasure them always!

Our 2012 Christmas card by Hannah / amazing Knight family portrait / more illustrations


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