I don't scrapbook

Friday, April 04, 2014

Every April, my girls' school has "teacher appreciation week." Let me tell you, I'm appreciative. Through God's grace (truly), we are fortunate to have our kids able to be at a wonderful place during the day while we work. I hesitate to use the term "day care" too often because every aspect of the place feels more like a school (and it helps assuage my mom guilt a little too, let's be honest). The teaching, environmental, and even nutritional philosophies align so well with the kind of environment we want for our girls--lots of focus on play-based learning, lots of time outside experiencing nature, nutritional lunches and snacks with an emphasis on fruits and veggies. It's been a really great fit for us.

That's why, in April, when parents are asked to make scrapbook pages for their teachers--an endeavor outside my realm of normal activity--despite my hemming, hawing and procrastinating--I am happy to do it. We really do appreciate their teachers immensely, day in and day out...and it's always a good exercise to go back through the previous 9ish months and curate a collection of photos of my favorite girls.

This was my first year to make two sets (Molly was but one month old this time last year!). So here's where we ended up:

I make one master and then just copy it for each individual page. (At the end of the "school year," I'll do a more personalized note for each teacher. That's still four months away so I've got some more time.)

Intricate, detailed crafty activities like this with potential for a million trillion options usually make my selective-OCD tendencies surface; ie, I want things to be perfect but they can't so I get paralyzed and want to never start too many decision options and I just like to make one decision blah blah blah. I try to keep this project simple or stickers, photo borders and paint pens would surely overwhelm my senses. Just printed copy paper and double-stick tape, thank you very much.

ANYWAY this project is done for the year, so high fives all around!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. It's my last one in my twenties!!! More about that next week. Peace.


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