Monday, April 21, 2014

We had a fantastic Easter and wonderful three-day weekend as a family celebrating Christ's resurrection. With residency looming, I am trying to be super cognizant of the blessing that is having Daddy home with us multiple days in a row. It's so nice. Being together as a family is really my very favorite thing, as cliche as it sounds.

Friday we took a picnic to the park. You should've seen Juliette's face light up when I said the word "park." She was so excited. We played for a while and then spread out on the grass to eat our lunch. Across the field, we saw our across-the-street neighbors with our former next-door neighbors having a little picnic of their own. It was so good to see everyone, with 8 kids between us in varied ages (my two being the youngest), all out enjoying the lovely weather. Molly was toddling around, and Jules was playing with some of the other kids' toys (can't remember what...balls or rings or something). Anyway, she was on a play-mission and happened to be walking over their picnic blanket...in her current walking path, she looked down slightly at the box of cupcakes on the blanket, but tromped right over them anyway! Oh brother, I was mortified! To be fair, it just looked like a bright green box from the outside (you couldn't see the cupcakes), but oh, those poor two squashed strawberry ones! That girl, my lands. So sorry, sweet Louise, that your birthday picnic cupcakes were a little smushed (to say the least).

Thursday night, one of my favorite parenting moments ever occurred. It was 5:45 PM, and just one of those horrible times you hear about..."the witching hour" and all of that. This may sound a little wacky, but through the power of positive thinking / being oblivious, in my mind we've largely avoided too much chaos and meltdowns during this time of day (or maybe because of our schedules? I don't know). But this was not one of those days. They were both crying, crying, crying, about everything. This doesn't happen too often, but when it does, Jonathan and I just grit our teeth and try to get through it. We finally decided to just go ahead and put Molly in her high chair and just let her sit there and cry, so at least she'd be contained while we finished up fixing dinner. Jules was wandering around crying after a little potty accident (while in time-out, of course), just crying. We were both head down, trying to finish up dinner and we look over to the sweetest sight--they had just found each other. Juliette had wandered over to Molly and they were hugging it out, just crying and hugging. When they finally pulled away and looked at each other, they both immediately smiled and started laughing. Jonathan and I just laughed and tried to memorize the sight...this miracle of comfort they found in each other. I hope it is the first of many times this happens in their lives! Though, I never would've thought to try it at 13 mos and 2.5!

Easter photos were next to impossible. They were never still, never looking at the camera, never smiling at the same time. This is the best we got, with them looking in the same general direction, and I'm so glad it was with my pretty mommy/their Grammy, and their sweet cousin Jane. Can you hardly stand the matching smocked dresses, because I can't!

It's sort of late, but don't forget my craft night, TONIGHT at Langford Market in Cooper-Young, if you're local! 7 PM!


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