Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I feel like I have this long-term neighborly relationship with the state of Arkansas, having lived next-door to it my entire life. Not only do I live in neighboring Tennessee, but our city is perched right on the Mississippi river, with Arkansas directly across. Thus, I spend most of my days within a fifteen-minute drive of the place. Driving to Texas my whole life (visiting family / going to college), requires a trip across Arkansas that I have made countless (countless!) times. My siblings and I went to camp in Arkansas (on this very lake I am telling you about!) growing up, and my husband went to college in this state. We are so fortunate to be able to visit his parents' cabin in Heber Springs, which I've written about before several times)

There is so much natural beauty in that state (not to mention some great people very dear to us!).

We took the girls for a visit this past weekend (Molly's first time!), and had a wonderful weekend relaxing, fishing a little, enjoying the beautiful weather and back porch, and slower pace. We also had "Uncle T-Bone" with us, which is always fun. And we got to visit the Carpenters!

Thankfully, we made it home safely despite driving through blinding rain for most of the way Sunday (our hearts go out to those affected by the tornadoes that day/night).

As many of you know, it can feel like a lot of work picking up little people's worlds and transporting them elsewhere for a weekend (it seems like it's the same amount of stuff  required no matter how short a visit is). It was ALL worth every single minute to experience the joy they had just being with us, uninterrupted, and experiencing a new place. Really helps to recharge one's batteries.

Our place is all nestled up in the trees overlooking the lake. So serene.

Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas is a beautiful place so special to my family. I look forward to seeing how this lake and all its magic carves out a spot in my children's hearts as they grow up visiting and enjoying God's creation.

Just so you know (I didn't!), April has been "Keep America Beautiful" month. The fine folks at Dropcam asked if I'd like to share a little about my "special slice of America," as I've done here. 

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