water bottles! (oh boy)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Water bottles? Has it really come to this? Are we scraping the bottom of the barrel for post ideas? 

Nah. Drinking water is a huge part of my day, and hopefully yours too. Even before the cycle of pregnant/nursing/pregnant/nursing began, I have always been a pretty avid liquid consumer. Thirsty all the time! Not sure why this is, anatomically, but it must just be life in the fast lane.

After I first had Jules and was nursing all the time, I had one of those giant Tervis tumblers filled with ice water by my side constantly, with a lid and a straw (love straws!). I love these cups so much, as people do--they have many good traits (don't sweat, keep things cold/hot, etc). When I went back to work, I just carried one of these with me every day (and everywhere, practically!). Somehow, I made this work for a long time....until Molly came along. Suddenly (surprise), the juggle of infant car seat/large bag/wiggly toddler left me out of hands and out of ways to balance a cup with a lid that could (easily) spill at any moment. 

Thus began the search for the perfect water bottle. 

As I've been telling you for the past week, I'm not a particularly exhaustive shopper. I like finding something that works and just going with it. So when I was rushing around Target one night after the kids' bedtime, my eye caught on the Aladdin water bottle (I have the clear one, which I can't find online?). It has this genius screw top so you can put ice in it before filling it up. Bonus, it was only $10! It fits into normal-sized cup holders, which is awesome, and rarely sweats. I love putting slices of lemon in here before filling it up. This one is a definite winner! 

The bkr bottle had been on my wish list (literally, my amazon wish list) for a long time, ever since I saw it on a blog somewhere a while back. Thanks to this past Christmas and my family's secret Santa (thank you, Marth!) this baby is now mine. It's a glass bottle, a little shorter than the Aladdin, with a silicone sleeve that feels really nice to hold. And drinking out of glass is a superior experience to plastic. I love drinking ice water, so I bought those skinny ice cube trays and they work great (I keep one in the freezer at work too). I know this one is a little on the pricier side at $28, but maybe it's like having nice sunglasses instead of cheap ones, you take care of them better? A great gift to receive anyway, and wonderful quality.

Hmm, what else can I type about water bottles? ...

To each their own with this, right! There are certainly a million personal preferences, and a millionchoices to match, but these are my two faves that I love rotating between. Having water constantly handy is just part of my day, so I'm glad to have two that are easy to use and carry around between all the bags and locations of daily life.

Is there a water bottle you're married to, that shouldn't be missed?


  1. This one!!! It's from The Fly Lady website. Super affordable. Double walled for no sweating and amazing insulation. Double screw-top openings, one larger for ice/lemon and one smaller for drinking. Little loop for slipping around your wrist when hands are full. Fits in car cup holder or bottle sleeve on diaper bag. It's my perfect water bottle.



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