The Snow/Ice Cometh

Monday, March 03, 2014

Sunday, the temperature sat at 33 degrees for hours while it poured rain. Overnight, the water turned to ice and was followed by some snow, resulting in slippery roads and cancelled daily activities for all four of us. We loved spending the day at home together.

I love [non-sick] days at home with my girls and their daddy. We made pancakes, played, and enjoyed not having anywhere to be.

Molly is going through a fairly Mommy-loving/clingy phase. Juliette never went through it to this extent, and I can't say I really mind it. You should've seen the look on her face while we were all playing today, climbing into my lap over and over, smiling and just glad to be home.

I haven't had the opportunity to stay home full-time with my kiddos, so when snow days or sick days happen and any cabin fever sets in, I have to remind myself that "being home" every day doesn't look like these days (meaning, you are not homebound daily when it's your norm). They are exceptional days for everyone. 

Sue me, but I love winter. I love how pretty snow is. I love enjoying steamy soup for lunch and dinner. I love crackling fires and decaf coffee. I love that it's March and we [finally] got our snow day. 


  1. I am so happy for you that you got a snow day with your girls and also JEALOUS :) it looked like we were going to get one today, but alas--not enough ice.

    this year, our spring break is very late (stars April 10!) & I am struggling in the morning with leaving the house and leaving Shiv. but like you, I know that the day-in, day-out of being home with a little is not like a snow day or a fun weekend day devoted to play (and laundry). and I know that I am so, so lucky to even have a spring break and the time off that I do...but man, sometimes I just want to say to hell with it all and spend the whole day with my guy. glad to live vicariously through these sweet pictures!

  2. You are so right about snow days being exceptional for everyone. As a stay at home mom I really depend on getting out and about for my routine and sanity, so being cooped up as much as we have been this winter is starting to wear on me. I'm typically a winter lover myself, but even I find myself longing for Spring!


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