Monday, March 24, 2014

Jonathan matched in Memphis for residency! We get to stay here!

In an effort to be prepared, I'd been so intent on not setting my mind on any one place, that I didn't really think through all of the things I'd be feeling after we found out, besides a to-do list if facing a move.

Standing there with my kids and all of their grandparents and my sister ... I was just like, yes. These are my people. So relieved and excited we can stay in our house and with our family and dear friends.

Now that we know we're staying, there are several changes we can go ahead and plan to make on our house, so that's a little exciting. I actually dreamt about kitchen tile last night. Hmm.

Saturday night, we got to go to our big party celebrating all of this. Here's how dress #2 ended up:

It was fun to wear and fun to dance in! Put it with these shoes, also from Modcloth.

Imagine a prom, but actually the best prom ever. You're there with your husband so you're with your lifelong perfect date, the band is totally awesome, you and everyone else there have nowhere else to be, you're comfortable in your own skin because you're (almost!) 30, and everyone there is giddy to be celebrating the same thing--making it through the same colossal task of medical school. You're (almost) on the other side and you're happy. That's what Saturday night was like! It was so so so much fun. Maybe one of my favorite nights ever!

Weekend snaps of my cuties:

Molly watching a little basketball. She freaking loves that AppleTV remote.

Jules trying to open the baggie of dried cranberries I brought to Match Day. That girl was running around that huge lawn like a wild banshee.

What a wonderful weekend. Such a fun several months ahead!


  1. Hooray! You looked HOT for that party, Les! Got a little choked up at your description of the night...I remember those feelings of relief and accomplishment so vividly, and now I'm super jealous that I didn't get to party them out at a cool bash! ;) Excited to see how you continue to make that lovely home yours (admittedly, one of my first thoughts on reading your news was, "Yay! She doesn't have to leave that pretty house on that pretty street!").

  2. I knew he would match in memphis. 100 percent. I swear.

    1. Ok I just got a new phone and I have no idea what cake for breakfast is. This is kimmie. Now I'm really confused...The cat pic looks like something I would clue.

  3. Thanks, Leslie ! :)

    And it.


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