Picking a Party Dress!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This is a big week for us, as I've mentioned a million times. Friday, we find out where Jonathan will "match" for residency. Yesterday, we found out that yes, he did match. So much thankfulness receiving that news!

There is a big party for fourth years the Saturday after Match Day, to celebrate everything (the match, graduation, residency, etc.). I realized last week that I'd been putting off acquiring something to wear to this "business casual" event. I don't have much time to shop in stores in this phase of life...if it's not at Target, Costco, or the grocery store, it comes from the good ole Internet.

In general, I'm fairly good at making decisions and not questioning them afterward. This trait manifests itself in both good and bad ways in life, but one neutral/good way is that I can just pick a store or a color or theme or whatever the decision is and go from there.

For this party, I decided to shop for a dress at Modcloth and not look anywhere else for several reasons: 1) they have a giant selection of dresses that are mostly cute/fun, 2) the prices are good, 3) they have free shipping/returns above a certain spend threshold which I would surely meet when ordering several to try on, 4) I didn't want the brain damage of looking at multiple sites, dealing with multiple shipping/returns, second-guessing myself, etc. 5) Maybe I'd get lucky and one of these would also work for birthday, graduation, Easter, etc. etc.

More lists, but when looking at their giant selection, here were the criteria:

  • cute (obviously), dressy-ish
  • not too short (I'm 5'8")
  • not too long
  • not strapless, flattering neckline
  • under $100

I still have some mommy tummy leftover, and so I was looking for dresses that weren't super waist-centric; but alas, the majority of the selection leaned that way, so oh well. Just went with it (see? decision making).

Here's what I ordered and tried on:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7


1) Cute and nice quality, but too tight in the nursing region and a smidge too long for a fun party night.

2) Really cute shape, flattering pattern, great length, looks more expensive than it is.

3) Pretty bleh in person...collar thing a little too cartoon-y, wayyyy too short, wrong fabric for this party.

4) Too tight and weird fabric! Bleh.

5) Pattern just so-so in person...material kind of meh. Neckline/sleeves require more push-ups than I've done recently.

6) Cute but kind of short and bridesmaid-y. This color always looks great on my sister, and I want it to look good on me but it never really does?

7) Not for this party, but I'm keeping it to wear in life. It's pretty cute and will be really fun to layer (and was only $30!), although it's on the realllllly really short side so I'll need to wear leggings or something with it.

The winner is.....#2! 

I'm really excited to wear it and dress it up with some bracelets, maybe some fun tights or colorful shoes? We'll see how it ends up, but I'm excited to have that done.

update: I've been told some people wear tuxedos and some girls wear long dresses. Hmm. I hope I'm still on target with #2 if it is more of a cocktail-to-black-tie type event. Oh brother. To be continued...


  1. When I saw the pics, before I even read descriptions, that was the one I was hoping you picked! So cute!

  2. #2 all the way. Can't wait to see the shoes ;)

  3. I thought #2 or #6 before I read further. But #2 was still my favorite. You're going to look beautiful!

  4. I thought #2 or #6 before I read further. But #2 was still my favorite. You're going to look beautiful!

  5. Is there anything more annoying than people who overdress for events specified as "business casual"? You will be spot-on in #2! Nail the hair and manicure and you can't go wrong. xo Thinking of you!

  6. I'm with everyone else in that #2 caught my eye before I read a thing! And I wouldn't sweat the attire variations...at Jonathan's optometry school things you saw EVERYTHING from way overdressed to way underdressed. I think you'll be perfect in what you've selected, especially once you dress it up with accessories and your pretty self!

  7. I love #2 and with the right hair/makeup/heels/jewelry, you'll be perfect I think. Some of Jake's friends that are girls are going in long dresses but then another friend told me she's wearing a short dress and she's in school so I feel better about it. Plus I'll be in a short dress! Besides, who wants to buy a long formal gown that we won't wear again?!

  8. Take a different set of fancier jewelry in your purse, just in case it's dressier than you expected.


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