Molly is One

Sunday, March 09, 2014

We had so much fun celebrating Molly's first birthday this weekend! 

We are just crazy about this little lovey. 

I'll do a separate post about her birthday party, but I wanted to write a little about what Molly is like at a year old (so I can remember). 

The Lord surely knew what I needed in this baby's temperament when he sent me Molly. With Jules being pretty young when Molly was born and still demanding a lot of attention (as most 19-month-olds do), I have been so thankful to have had a baby who just rolls with the punches. You can often find Molly in hers or Juliette's room, playing contentedly with toys, looking through books by herself, or crawling around to find something to get into. She is pretty good at keeping busy by herself, but you better watch her because she loves to put ANY tiny bits of whatever she finds on the floor into her mouth (this includes: crumbs of food, dust bunnies, pieces of paper, bits of leaves or grass, etc.). Yum.

She has been pulling up and cruising for ages, but is just (in the last three-four days) starting to let go more often and take more than a couple of steps on her own. She always does so smiling really big before getting to her destination (me), and falling into my arms. 

Already, she does not like being told no. She will either a) get her feelings hurt and cry giant alligator tears, or b) arch her back and throw her head back and start crying. Eeeesh. Amazing how quickly they can develop little tempers! 

She will eat just about anything. Her favorites are cheese, bananas, cheerios, Lara bars, turkey bacon, eggs, or crackers with hummus. The only things I can think of that she really doesn't like are blackberries or strawberries, sadly. She still nurses in the morning and evening and gets two bottles during the day at school. I'm not sure if I see an immediate end to the morning/evening sessions (which I don't mind in the least). She will only really nap once/day at school unfortunately, but still takes 2 on Saturdays (for the most part). Because of the nap situation, she is tired very early in the evenings and goes to sleep around 6:45 or earlier, and sleeps until around 6/6:30 AM. 

Molly loves to dance to music, clap her hands, and generally be "in" on the party. No one is funnier than her big sissy, who can in fact be (yes, still) pretty rough with her sometimes. This never fazes Molly...I guess because it's been her lifelong trial. She just smiles real big and laughs whenever she gets wrestled to the ground or put in a headlock if we can't get to her rescue fast enough.

She doesn't have many words yet but babbles all the time. "Hi" and "bye" are the main ones, but she says something akin to "Dada," and I think I'm "Baba" for now. She can sign for "please," "more," and "all done" at this point. She wears a size 4 diaper and 12-18m clothes (still working on getting her to keep shoes on!).

Since I really dropped the ball on monthly updates (blah blah second baby), I thought I'd put these photos into a collage, for posterity's sake. My collage skills are lacking as you can see, but I love watching her grow! It went by in the blink of an eye.

She is an easy one to celebrate. I can't wait to watch her little personality develop even more.

Happy birthday sweet Molly!

Thank you to Auntie E for our precious handmade quilt! A treasure indeed.


  1. That is one sweet little bunny! I cannot wait for this. xoox

  2. omg Les, she is just the sweetest! and has a fabulous wardrobe to boot. sounds like she & Shiv have pretty similar temperaments in fact--temper included :)

    it's been wonderful getting to watch her grow from afar!

  3. She also loves to snuggle with her uncle J. Cliff...let's not forget that.

  4. We had babies on the same day! :) My first though. I'm just curious, are the bottles Molly has during the day formula, pumped milk or whole cow's milk.

  5. Great question, Meredith! The bottles Molly has at this time are thawed pumped milk from my frozen stash. She has been getting whole cow's milk during snack times and around meals, and is getting used to it still (liking it more every day). Juliette, my oldest, quit breast milk pretty much cold turkey at a year old because she didn't want bottles anymore, just cups. They're all so different! But Molly still likes her some bottles, right now at least.

  6. can't believe this precious babe is one! Like I said before, month 8, 10 and 11 are my favorites! Love Molly to pieces


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