Thursday, March 20, 2014

I can't even believe I'm writing this post like I know anything because historically, I am the world's worst at hair and makeup. I am also the world's worst at caring much about it either, which is weird because in general, I like to look nice and all of that. But...whatever. It's just never really clicked. Blame it on my fourteen years in an all-girl school if you want, but all I'm ever interested in is quick and easy. And I can't even blame having children, because budgeting next-to-zero time for this is nothing new.

Also, hair posts? I mean, every single person's hair is different, what may work for one person may not work for another blah blah blah. However--I do like reading these kinds of posts from time to time and trying out new easy/quick techniques, so here's mine. Plus, I feel like I'm finally figuring out what works (it only took a little under three decades!).

Hair trends come and go but I love the wavy-ish, volume-y, messy looking thing I'm seeing on the internet/TV these days. Especially since it requires very little time once you get your method down, and it seems to work with the slight natural wave I have.

So here's what:

I always towel dry my hair really well, comb it out completely, and then dry my bangs with a blow-dryer. I bumble around the house in my bathrobe, get the kiddos breakfast, make coffee, etc etc and the hair starts looking pretty wonky with the air-drying that's going on.

Then I sort of shake it out upside down a little, and then figure out where it should be parted (a little more difficult with bangs but also a little easier because it doesn't matter as much). I comb my fingers through it and then start spraying in the magic stuff: Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. Worth every penny. (Also note: in keeping with previous dresses post on reducing brain damage while shopping, I've only ever tried this brand but it works great, so why scour the market needlessly?)

I spray it on top and underneath, flip over, fluffing the hair upwards a little with my fingers. This helps it start realizing what it's supposed to do. I let that set for a minute and air dry a little more. Then right before I'm leaving for the day, spritz the top layer and my bangs with just a little of this B&B holding spray (this stuff is for real. Do not overdo it.).

Day two (I try to only wash hair every other day): I do some more rounds of the surf spray and then sprinkle in this volume powder in the roots for some more volume. Sometimes I re-wash/dry my bangs to look a little fresher overall.

I may regret ever writing this post, like I know anything at all. But there you have it.

Special thanks go to my pal Hannah for encouraging me to quit blow-drying in the first place. FREEDOM!


  1. I'm going to give it a try tonight if Capelli has the surf spray in stock! I think I can do it. You may have to give me another one-on-one consultation if I run into trouble. :)

  2. I love getting insight into how other people fix their hair.

  3. I love a good hair product and I have tried A LOT of them and second you on this stuff! and Hair powder is magic. I don't know why anyone would wash their hair everyday =)


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