Gotta get down on Friday

Friday, March 14, 2014

My girls are excited because their older girl cousins are in town visiting from Texas. We plan to enjoy lots of time outside in the sunshine, and cheering Molly on with her new walking skillz.

A few links to check out:

- It's been a few weeks, but I'm still thinking over Hannah's wonderful post about having four kids. As someone who aspires and prays to have a large family someday, I just loved reading her beautiful words about the love, the hard things, the relationships, the work. Read it if you haven't! So good.

- I still want to make Lauren's coleslaw. It looks so yummy, and I need to just branch out there with buying cabbage. I like eating it and turns out, it's good for you.

- Lots of pics and drivel about Molly's birthday party, of course.

- I bought this cardigan at H&M on our Carolinas trip in January, and it has quickly turned into one of my favorite things to wear. It's the perfect weight and length, and you can't beat $15! (I have it in black melange.) Also picked up this dress in navy for Jules, and it's routinely on her (short) "approved" list. Oh, toddler clothing opinions, I smite you...

Duh, but spring really is late this year--recent example being the forsythia bush right outside our nursery window. It was in full bloom the day we brought Molly home from the hospital last year (call it March 10). Hasn't even started blooming yet this year!

Since we had our snow day, I am now very ready to see everything start blooming. Such a beautiful time of year.

P.S. One week until match day!


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