Old Navy Gem: Quilted Jacket

Friday, February 07, 2014

I worked at Banana Republic in some form or fashion (pun intended) for over 4 years right out of college/when we were first married, and I'd say our family's loyalty to the Gap brands is pretty strong as a result. I love finding winners at Old Navy like the next gal (especially for my kids!).

Look how cute this jacket is! I first saw it in our local store, and then went back and purchased it in navy that same week for 50% off. I have loved it.

Through random/unfortunate circumstances, I lost my favorite winter coat (pictured in this reallllly old post) before Christmas. Blerg with a side of heartbreak. I've been on a search to find a replacement, and no dice (yet).

While I definitely wouldn't classify this as a "winter coat," it's been perfect for wearing over thick sweaters/blazers plus heavy scarf and being protected from cold rain and wind. And the hood is detachable! They're having 20% off online right now, not sure about in-store. But the great thing about Old Navy/Gap/BR is that there are always deals to be had if you hit it at the right time.

Other recent favorites: these zipper pants, these workout leggings, this chambray shirt (in tall for extra length).

Bon weekend! I'm hoping for snow.

*The winner of our Whoa, wait. Walmart? giveaway is Elena! Thanks so much for entering, if you did!


  1. I have been looking for the perfect army green jacket in this kind of style. I might have to snag one of these!

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