2nd Baby : some gear we've liked this time around

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I love reading posts like this, so I'll just fling this one into the universe hoping that some of you people enjoy them too. 

For months, I've been meaning to make a list of a few things we've enjoyed with our second baby that we didn't necessarily use with our first, and Molly's fast approach to her first birthday (!!) was just the kick-in-the-pants I needed to do it.

I did a big "baby gear" post back when Juliette was 6 months old, and a lot of those same things have been favorites again this time around (Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat, BOB stroller, aden + anais swaddle blanketsDr. Brown's glass bottles  etc). We still endorse all of those items and use them on a daily basis.

But here are a few things we've enjoyed just with Molly. 

1. The lotion I just found out about a few weeks ago from my sister-in-law. They sell it at Target and it smells SO good! I love lathering Molls up after her bath and then getting her hair combed. Nothing like a freshly bathed and jammied baby.

2. Several months ago (more than several), I'd had enough of our bleak sock situation, and hauled myself to Old Navy to right things. Without doing any research, I picked up a pack of these socks, and they have turned out to be my favorites (and since then, I've noticed others on the internet saying the same thing)! Hmm, writing this reminds me that I'd like to get some more. They stay on great and feel thick. Molly will not keep shoes on her feet, so her socks act as shoes at this point. I've doubled these up on extra cold days, and they [seem to] stay on really really well.

3. Molly girl was a big spitter-upper in her early days. Epic, even. My mom picked up this pack of white bibs for me at Babies R Us, and we absolutely loved them! Great size, really strong velcro, and this may sound weird, but the plain white didn't distract from whatever cute outfit she was wearing. You know, the important things. They also washed really well.

4. These have been a sleeper (PUN INTENDED) favorite of mine! My friend Kate texted me last summer from a closeout store where she lives, asking if I wanted her to pick me up two of these Halo fleece sleepsacks they had on closeout for like $7/each. I told her of course! One of them is this color brown, which I wouldn't normally pick, but let me tell you, it is cute. It makes Molly look like my own living teddy bear, and it's my favorite to get her out of her bed in the morning wearing this little brown teddy bear suit and then snuggle. I've loved knowing Molly was warm at night this winter with the extra cold nighttime temperatures we've been having.

Mostly what I've enjoyed about the "gear" aspect of having another baby has been that you realize you really just  need less of it. As long as you have diapers, a way to feed them (Mommy, in this case) and clean clothes, you are really good to go. 

Any baby items that you particularly evangelize not make any of these lists?


  1. Burts bees diaper cream rock n play Sophie the giraffe wubbanub aveeno bath products musical playgym

  2. Nose freida chicco keyfit caddy travel sleep sheep patty Inc gown

  3. Nose freida chicco keyfit caddy travel sleep sheep patty Inc gown

  4. Oh and obsessed with jeffries sock shoes

  5. Well, this isn't something I can vouch for myself, but all of my friends that have had babies in the last 9 months have been using this portable sound machine that attaches to the carseat--it's almost like a keychain. And I'm adding it to my list for the next go round because I've frantically searched for white noise apps on my phone too many times during hellish car trips. And it's only $10!

  6. Totally with you on those bibs...especially the part about out not distracting from the outfit

  7. This time we are using more! I think it's because we have a bigger house, so there's room for it. We use a pack n play this time in our den as a safe place to put him or change his diaper. With Sylvie we used the sofa for diaper changes. The pack n play is better and safer.

    We use Up & Up diapers from Target instead of Pampers this time. I prefer the Target diapers and the savings.

    I am making lots of baby food this time & I never tried that with Sylvie.

    Most everything else is the same - stroller, bottles, formula, method to clean the bottles, crib & crib sheets, sleep sacks, blankets, etc.

  8. Awesome list - super helpful for those of us who aren't sure what we're getting ourselves into :)

    Any items you bought but DIDN'T use?

  9. I totally feel you on bibs that don't distract! and that is sometimes hard to find! And someone else mentioned that lotion to me last week!

  10. Just ordered some of those socks ($5 for 3 pairs - a steal!) and I am hoping they put an end to my sock woes!

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