Winter with a High of Sunny

Monday, January 27, 2014

Memphis Winter 2013/2014 - So far, I'm calling it the winter that was Really Cold and Really Sunny. Like the rest of the country, we have had some particularly cold days/nights this season (10 degrees and other such things). But Frosty has yet to visit and grace us with the white stuff. This hurts my feelings.

See? It was 14 degrees outside when I took this photo, and nary a cloud in the sky!

Like most southerners who know very little of the drawbacks, I love snow. I love the peace and the quiet of it. It makes the world calm and beautiful. (We are blessed to have a roof over our heads from which to enjoy it though, I realize.) Anyway...where are you, snow? Places like Austin, Texas have even gotten some this year, and I just saw it on the forecast for NEW ORLEANS of all places. Hrmmph.

We had a sickie and a cough-er this weekend, which kept us mostly in (and napless, at times, argh) except for Saturday night when we went to an honest-to-goodness black tie event with my parents and sister/bro-in-law. It was quite the event that I still don't really understand, but nonetheless it was fun to get dressed up, wear heels (psych), and get out with my one and only.

No amount of photo-filtering can make my arm look buff, but I will try to curb the negative self-talk here and just go with it for the sake of honesty. We have devised a new exercise regimen/goal for ourselves that I will share about soon (if it takes). 

I saw this photo of us right after we took it and immediately thought, "We look like adults. We look like parents." I guess this is good since we are and we are, but ... still a little jarring sometimes, isn't it? We are the ones out there doing the working and the tax-paying and the child-bearing nowadays. 

p.s. we made Jen's Acai Bowls a few times this weekend with Jonny's granola. SO SO delicious, and a hit with the oldest three of us. (Molly doesn't like smoothies yet. I guess they're too cold?) Makes me want to get a better blender--we have a five-years-older version of this one, which has been fine for the most part. I wish it could handle a little more sometimes. Ninja? BlendTec? Vitamix? What's your preference? I just need to make smoothies. By the way, they have that acai juice Jen uses at ...where else? Costco!


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