THE Bread (from Costco)

Friday, January 24, 2014

If you and I have gotten into any sort of discussion about Costco or "real food" or whatever over the past few months, I have probably brought up this bread.

It is fantastic.

About 6 months ago, inspired by my friend Lauren, and 100 Days of Real Food (which I've mentioned before), I went on a pantry-cleaning-out-frenzy. I was trying to get rid of a lot of the junk/processed food we'd been storing in our kitchen. Like everyone, I really want my family to eat healthful, nutrient-dense meals. Though meal-plannin tops every new year's resolutions list, I am always sorely lacking; coupled with my current work schedule (I get usually get home between 5:20-5:45, kids eat at 6 or a little before), I find it really hard to serve warm, healthy meals every night of the week.

Sorry, I digress--back to my frenzy. I cleaned out the pantry, I'm talking down to bare bones, and then of course, went to Costco. I was trying to shop through a different lens--real ingredients, things you can pronounce, stuff from nature, etc. (see Lauren's 10 steps to get started, or 100 Days of Real Food's 8 ways to avoid processed foods).

That trip was when I found this bread. I read the ingredients and it was like the stars were aligning. Angels were singing, all that stuff. Check this out:

Ingredients: organic whole grain wheat flour, organic wheat flour, water, organic honey, organic oat bran, organic oats, organic sunflower seeds, organic flaxseed, organic cultured wheat, organic vinegar, sea salt, yeast. 

Whoa! Impressive. I put the double package in my cart and wondered if it would pass Jonathan's cardboard-bread test. He likes wheat bread, but not wheat bread that isn't soft or has the consistency of cardboard/too nutty or dry. is GOOD. It is freaking good. As toast, as sandwiches, as grilled cheese, with a fried egg on top (or egg-in-a-hole), as a crust for the baby to gnaw is really really good. Any iteration, any application. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's the perfect softness, while still being really durable for a hearty sandwich, and nothing beats it toasted (the perfect crunch).

If you find yourself in a Costco, get yourself a bag (or 2) of this bread if you see it. Alpine Valley Organic Multi Grain. We made a special trip for it today (and of course left with a few other things too). It's $6.39 for two loaves at our store. Can't beat that for high quality bread.

Other Costco faves off the top of my head: Larabars, frozen fruit for smoothies, produce, cheese, butter, organic tortilla chips, organic salsa, organic baby food pouches (they only have one flavor at ours... Molly pretty much eats "table food" now, but I like to have them on hand just in case), almond butter, organic quinoa, organic brown rice... Lauren has a really really great "real food finds at Costco" post you should definitely check out if you're interested (though I know all Costcos don't carry the exact same things).

We are definitely not yet where I'd like to be with our nutrition as a whole, but I think we've made some positive small steps over the last several months. I'm not going to beat myself up about it... I'm doing the best I can do at this stage of life and giving myself some grace on the whole thing, though I'd always like to do better. (An interesting post on "opting out of food wars" here. I appreciated the fresh perspective from this one.)

But yes...The Bread!

Try it! Tasty.

coming soon: my love for Aldi and what I like to buy there.


  1. I'm so jealous. Next time at the gro sto I'm sending you a pic of the bread aisle. You'll cry for me.

  2. I love Aldi! Can't wait to hear what your favorites are.

  3. Shoot girl- you aren't kidding. THAT BREAD is the best. I want to eat it all the time. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Also enjoyed your friend's Costco post!


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