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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday, this great thing happened. I met my pen pal.

I love being able to use the words "pen pal" legitimately. Does this make anyone else think of this scene from Julie & Julia? 

I always loved this scene when Julia Child meets her long-time pen pal of years and years, Avis. (I think I'm definitely the Avis to her Julia in this scenario.)

Well anyway, Hannah and I have been corresponding via myriad electronic methods over the course of the past year-ish (that qualifies as "pen pals"), and we finally got to hang out in person this weekend.

(yes, she is a legit model, and my bangs inspiration.)

Hannah, her husband Heath, and four children came over from Arkansas on a day trip to Memphis, and got to eat lunch with me and my family and we had so much fun! We do have a connection beyond solely an internet/bloggy friendship; Jonathan went to college with her and her husband (and actually, they were in the same study abroad group to Italia, holla). She drew our fantastic Christmas card from 2012, the catalyst of our friendship, and the rest was history!

It was really the best hearing the voice behind the words. It's funny--text, email, blah blah blah, only gets you so much of a person. Oh, internet. You can only take us so far (I think this is a good thing). Now, we are legitimate friends! Nice.

Before this post gets any weirder, I'll stop and just say that we LOVED having yall over.

Her Enid and my Juliette playing with the dollhouse. Their little haircuts were killing us. Juliette instantly took to her like white on rice. In fact, after they left, she kept asking me, "where is her?" (she is getting better at remembering names, but it's still a little bit of a challenge sometimes).

What a delightful day, I hope to be soon repeated.


Follow the talented Hannah at her blog, Sundry Mumsy.

Speaking of another internet/in-person friendship, many thanks to Lauren AKA Aspiring Kennedy for posting about the ole 2014 planners on her blog today. Merci, ma cherie.

2014 planners still for sale here.


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