Granola Doesn't Count, Right?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My sister and I made a pact after the new year, as people do post Christmas free-for-all, that we would not eat any sweets/desserts until Molly's 1st birthday cake (March 8, Martha's birthday is also the very next day).

The first day or two was hard-ish, since I was used to having a cookie or slice of something after EVERY meal practically (eeeek).

After the beginning was over, it's been pretty easy to abstain, especially since we don't keep desserts around our house much anymore. We usually eat dinner with the kiddos around 5:45 (YES!), so Jonathan and I both are usually up for a snack later in the evening. Stovetop popcorn and nuts are a favorite, but he got a hankering to make some granola for us week before last. Yes, you read that right. See below:

Around the holidays, my friend Nishta had posted a pic of some homemade granola on her instagram, referencing the Faux Martha's "Last Granola" recipe. I commented on the photo, saying how wonderful it looked, and sweet Nishta sent me a bag. We absolutely devoured it!

The salt!'s key.

The second time he made it, Jonathan added an egg white (a tip we saw online), which made it a bit clumpier. I'm a sucker for granola clumps. So far, he has made it without dried fruit or coconut (though I did like Nishta's version with the coconut).

Come 8:45 PM, this little bowl sure hits the spot. And of course, anything prompting husband activity in the kitchen is always welcome.

If you're looking for a granola recipe, give this one a whirl. As the recipe's title professes, this really is the "last granola" recipe we ever will make.

p.s. This isn't really dessert... right?


  1. Heath has gotten me on Grape Nuts! I've always hated those little nuggets of anti-food, but with blueberries and whole milk at 9:30 pm, it hits the spot. But this, yes, this would be better.

  2. I'm so glad y'all enjoyed it so much and are making your own! It's totally not dessert :)



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