Fried Egg with Chopped Spinach or Kale

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We've had a sick little lamb for the past few days. Related, since it's so simple, I've had this for dinner three nights in a row now.

You can't get much simpler. And soooo delicious.

Wondering what to do with the bulk of the giant box of organic spinach you bought at Costco (besides using some in green smoothies or salads)?

Chop it up, sauté with some olive oil, garlic, maybe a splash of lemon juice and tomatoes if you have them (they're not necessary).

Then you fry up an egg (you want it to be a little runny)...

slide it on top of the spinach...and that's it!

Kale, spinach, whatever. I've done both. Both are awesome. Cheers to health!

Fried Egg with Chopped Spinach/Kale

Spinach - 2 large handfuls at least, chopped (shrinks a lot when sauteed)
Kale - 1 bunch, chopped
garlic, a few cloves
olive oil
splash of lemon juice, if you want
1 egg

Add a little oil to a pan, 1-2 T (eyeball it). Let it heat up a little before adding the garlic. If using tomatoes, add these before the spinach/kale and cook a little. Toss in the spinach/kale and stir until cooked. Place on plate while you fry your egg. Fry egg over medium-high heat to over-easy or over-medium (your preference) in an omelette pan and slide it on top of the veggies (there are lots of youtube videos on frying eggs if you need help). Cut it all up to mix and enjoy! Mmmmm.

Look at that little Molly sickie face. She has been the saddest, most pitiful little thing the past few days. She is on the mend today, however. Thankfully, big sissy has been spared thus far (not spared from wild hair though, as you can see). They're looking more alike to me...I think? 


  1. Looks whole30 compliant! I'll have to try it next week. Thanks for the idea! My whole30 recap should be ready soon. If you like meals such as this, you'll do great with whole30 (should you want to give it a go).


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