We Went to Florida - And There Was (Almost) an Ice Storm at Home

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Last week, my darling husband and I had a 48-hour trip planned to Florida, just the two of us, for one of Jonathan's interviews. Hilariously, as the trip approached, so did warnings about Icemageddon 2013. Nevertheless, we left our children in the very capable hands of their grandparents, and skipped town Wednesday, laughing in the rear view mirror at the weather forecast (not really...we wanted our babies to be safe and warm, obviously).

Somehow (!?!?!), I contracted a terrible ear infection (children unscathed, I mean really--gah, that was so painful) the night before the flight, so I was rushing around to the doctor before we left, getting a few shots, nose sprays, and medicines to make the air travel more bearable. Lemme just say, if you have an ear infection... don't fly if you can help it. Oh my goodness. There were a few dicey minutes there, but I emerged from the flight with both eardrums intact.

Our wonderful direct flight deposited us safely Hello lush Tampa airport! So nice to see you!

We headed straight from the airport to the hotel via our mid-sized rental car (a process which took an astoundingly short 20 minutes, wtg Tampa airport), and arrived in time to prepare for dinner.

Lovely downtown St. Petersburg (which is beautiful and so walkable!).

Breakfast at the hotel the first morning, all by my lonesome. What a treat.

St Pete Beach, all decorated for Christmas: 

This jewelry store in downtown St. Petersburg has been around since 1904! I thought the building's architecture was interesting.

From St. Petersburg, we moved on to a night in Clearwater Beach, for the little "vacation" portion of our whirlwind trip. To say it was lovely is an understatement. Evidence here:

Throughout our whole trip, a midst the 83-degree-and-sunny weather, we just kept giggling to each other at all the Christmas decorations. They felt so out of place at the summery beach, but they were charming nonetheless. We loved our grouper sandwiches at Frenchy's in Clearwater Beach. I just love painted Christmas window scenes.

View from our room the morning of the impending ice storm. 28 degrees at our house when I took this. It really felt like a joke.

Rain, sleet, and 20 degrees greeted us in Memphis upon our return - the contrast could not have been more stark. But nothing could rival the sweetness of seeing our babies' faces light up when we were reunited!

I liked you, Tampa Bay!


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