Some Great Pants

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I randomly mentioned on another post having some Target pants to talk about, and never did, but seeing as I've bought them in multiple colors (and sizes, actually), I figured these deserved a post all on their own.

I can't describe accurately in the written word. They're awesome. They're skinny enough to wear with booties or tall boots, whatever your preference. They're work appropriate. They're not jeans. They're warm-ish. Come in multiple colors. Inexpensive. And (I think), they're pretty flattering? We're still rocking a postpartum situation over here, so I can't really tell, but I think they are? Come to think of it, they're definitely flattering on my friend(s) who have also bought them, so the answer is yes, they're flattering. Check them out! I found a herringbone pair at my Target this week! Cuuuute.

p.s. why isn't Target's website better? It's so surprising.


  1. Target's website is THE WORST. But I need these pants.

  2. I am SO thankful for the recommendation. My sweatpant situation needs a little help and all ive worn in public are tights for the last 3 months. please pass along any more help for this "not so hip, but wants to be" mama. (in the postpartum situation as well)

  3. Thanks for the rec. I'll have to check them out!

  4. AMEN! The target website it TERRIBLE!

  5. Per your recommendation, I just got these in charcoal and am so excited about them! Thank you!!


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