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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So much to report that I've been putting it off, and don't really know where to start, so I'll just START.

First: today, New Year's Eve, marks 9 years since the mister and I had our first date. New Year's Eve for a first date? I know, I know. Being generally dorky and not much into wild NYE partying (still true), it turned out to be the perfect first date (obviously, since this thing has worked out for us pretty well so far, heehee).

We went to eat pizza, then went to play Super Mario Bros. version 1 at his townhouse (our future home of 4 years). Maybe one day I'll chronicle out our "love story" as bloggers do, but until then, here's a gem of a photo for ya:

That there was probably our 2nd or 3rd time hanging out, when we beat the game with Luigi, and we took a picture because we figured ole Luigi hadn't gotten to beat the game nearly as many times as brother Mario. Kids, we were! I was on Christmas break of my junior year of college, and Jonathan was 2 years out of school working at a big-boy job with benefits (and a fancy TV, as you can see!).

So yeah! Rounding the corner of a decade since our first date, and I love it. It's sort of crazy to me now, approaching 30, that my entire adult life has been wrapped up with this man, but oh he is wonderful. I love him.

And yes, Christmas! It was magical.

I was able to take several days off from work and be home pretty much 5-6 days leading up to the big day, so that was super fun since Jonathan was off too, and the girls' school was closed. I love spending my days with those three when given the chance!

I did 90% of my shopping online this year, and most of it on Cyber Monday, so I wasn't panicky about gifts really at all. Santa brought Juliette this cute dollhouse (which...thankfully, I got a way better deal on it than I'm seeing anywhere right now), and Molly this ball popper and a Pinhole Press Mini Book of Names and Faces, which I'm sort of obsessed with.

After playing with Santa gifts for a minute and opening our stockings, we headed over to my parents' house for the day! It was such a cozy, relaxed day. Loved every minute.

Sweet little Jane love...

(I tried taking a pic of us three gals before getting in the car to go to Grammy's, and this is what happened. Molly's face is so funny to me.)

Before the big day, we had fun times of note as well. Every year on Christmas Eve, we host a brunch at our house for whatever family happens to be in town. This is a tradition I started back in the townhouse days. I think this is our 5th year doing it (took a year off when Jules got sick). I never blog about it because I'm usually out of gas afterward and then it's Christmas and then blah blah Christmas is over so it seems passe, but I'm going to go ahead and write about it or it'll never be documented. The menu stays the same pretty much every year, and it consists of this:

1. PW Cinnamon Rolls
2. This breakfast casserole with sun-dried tomatoes (it's SO GOOD)
3. A simple sausage/egg breakfast casserole
4. Some sort of fruit bread (usually raspberry/almond from Joy the Baker, thanks Mandi! One of my faves)
5. Fruit, coffee, tea, etc.

This year, my brother made a wonderful vegetarian breakfast casserole, along with some ridiculous maple bacon, and my mom brought her yummy potato casserole. Delish, all of it!

We are so blessed that our parents live in the same town (and we each have a sibling living here too!), so when this concept came about, it was in search of a way to have them all at the same place at least once during the holidays. We just love having them all in our home this time every year!

At the brunch, my nephew from Jonathan's side, and my niece (my sister's baby) got to hang out. They are not quite 5 weeks apart! Look at these little darlings, Jonah and Jane, with their pretty mommies!

A new tradition (if you can call it that) that we started this year was stringing up the Christmas cards we received on our big picture window in the dining room. I have loved looking at all of these beautiful photos every day!

That sweet grin! gah.

It was bittersweet packing up all the Christmas gear this year, not knowing for sure where we will be spending Christmas 2014. But, it's a year we've looked to for a long time now, and I can't believe it's finally here. We will be ready for wherever the Lord wants to take us!

My feet and I are ready to take on anything!

(I can quit talking about these now and just enjoy toasty toes! Thank you, Santa!)

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  1. loved this post and soo in love with that picture book for molly- I've never seen anything like it!

    Can't believe its the BIG year, too- so exciting!


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