Juliette at 2 years, three months

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We need to quit being surprised by this one. She's funny. And chatty.

(with her bff Elliot)

Her newest thing is going to "da football game." Daddy and I took her to a Memphis Tigers game about a month ago, and she looooved it. As we were leaving, she was saying, "Daddy, I wanna go back in da football game" over and over. Has not stopped talking about it since. Daddy and Papa took her to another one this past Saturday, and oh my goodness, life is made. This morning, she gave me another full recap of their time at da football game: "I saw da fireworks, and the bubbles, and the band with the trumpets, and the tiger and everyone was there. I wanna go to another football game." 

She still loves to sing. It is one of my favorite things she does. I think she is pretty good. I have noticed that whenever she asks me to sing a song I don't recognize the name of, I'll ask, "how does it go?" and she says without blinking, "in da moufth." Touche, my dear. Touche.

Another new fave is pulling Molly in the wagon. Be still my heart.

Potty training is going pretty well. She has been waking up in the early morning hours asking to go, so that is a good sign I think. She's really trying to stay dry. 

She has been doing a great job being gentler with Molly over the past week or two. When we aren't looking, Jonathan and I have both noticed her being extra sweet to Molly, or reading to her, or bringing her toys. Watching the two of them together ... it just doesn't get any better than that. 

She also started dance class last week and that has been a big hit (for all of us... I mean, the outfit alone!). 

Is it weird to say your 2-year-old reminds you of Jo March already?


  1. It's so much fun to fall in love with these girls more and more every day!! Love from Grammy

  2. That girl can really sing! You know I have dreams about the girls playing music together when they're older, thanks to their daddies talent :)


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