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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sometimes when I want to do something "justice" in blog post form, I procrastinate doing it because a) it's my nature and b) requires real mental energy. So here goes. (Lots of photos ahead!)

My darling niece, Jane Frances, was born November 9. My sister has been a total champ through her entire pregnancy, and handled her labor & delivery the exact same way, with her usual grace and easy composure (though her labor & delivery really seemed to be a dream!).

Look at this beautiful love...

I cannot fully express how excited I am for these little stair-step girl cousins! I pray for my girls and all of the cousins they're blessed to have (6 total now!) that they will have lifelong friendships.

All of the "Guinn girls"....

Meeting Uncle Jonny...

And this! I put this on instagram, but I have really dreamed of this moment since Martha told me that Frances was potentially Jane's middle name (they waited until after she was born to tell us).

Here's Molly Frances, Martha Frances, and Jane Frances in one photo, sweetly honoring our Granny. I miss her so much!

Look at sweet Jane wrapped in her "Granny blanket."

Between Jane, my month-old precious nephew Jonah, and the brand-new baby next door, we are surrounded by new life! It has been so fun and incredible.

In other news, one of my best friends Mandi and I enjoyed seeing Justin Timberlake in Memphis this week (his hometown, represent!). Actually, I think "enjoyed" is sort of a lame word to describe how much fun it was. Oh man.

The Mayor declared it "JT Day" in Memphis, and boy did we show him the love.

(Playing "Until the End of Time")
He knows how to put on a show, that's for sure. I wish I could go again (and again). The choreography, lights, everything..."top shelf" as they say. And, for crying out loud, he put on a Grizzlies hat for the encore. I love that.

In other news, my brother is here visiting baby Jane, and we enjoyed taking a trip to the zoo with him. This is typical Juliette right now...
on the move!

A Blur! (Maybe that should be her "superhero" name?)

And this baby? My lands. Look at that face.

Life is good.

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  1. Lots of great moments for y'all lately! how sweet it is to see martha and the girls honoring granny that way :).

    And your two beauties- too much! Not to mention that dang good JT concert ;). So glad we did that!


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