Two in Diapers, and Pumpkins

Monday, October 28, 2013

So, I don't mind.

Listen here: when I was pregnant with Molly, and Juliette was very apparently still a baby, people in public (and some friends/acquaintances) would cluck to themselves and say, "Hmm, two in diapers...that'll be fun."

And I would counter with something along the lines of (but probably a little less smart-alecky), "What sounds fun about potty-training and having a newborn?"

Now that we've hit the iceberg of training with Jules, I just keep thinking, "man, diapers are so easy!" This is obviously short-term thinking, but is it terrible to say I'm glad she's been in diapers until now, with Molly being generally a little easier to care for too?

We had a great weekend full of trunk or treat at church, a fall festival attendance, a Halloween "spooky" concert, and even a fire in the fireplace. Here's documentation of some of that, though I'm going to withhold photos of their costumes until after Halloween night (it seems only right).

(Thanks to the venerable J. Grant Burke for these awesome pumpkin photos.)

As I said on instagram, I love how Molly is bracing herself in this one (a learned survival skill, at this point):

This almost perfectly captures my wild girl...
 And my darling little Molly Wolly...

I saw someone (male) say on facebook that pumpkins and babies are like "mommy crack." Over the past few weeks, my social media feeds have definitely reflected this. And here I am, contributing to it.

On an unrelated note, we took our bi-weekly trip to Costco (when our biweekly grocery budget renews), and I wanna shout out to those double carts. SO FUN! Juliette holding the cheese, of course.

Crazy about these cuties.

Notes: Molly's headband is from my fave new-to-me headband shop, bloomies handmade. And their little peplum jackets are from baby Gap (Molly's here but Jules' isn't on the website anymore). So cute. Oh! And I am crazy over my Robeez mocs find on Amazon for Molly. They're even lined with fleece!


  1. Sylvie loves to go potty when out and about. It kind of drives me nuts. We have a potty break right before we leave our house, and OF COURSE she decides to she needs to poop as soon as we get inside the grocery store or wherever. I have to let her go! How could I not? Plus, she's still scared of the auto flush toilets. It is a pain to deal with all that - diapers are easier.

    For potty training - good luck! My two cents: Juliette being ready and WILLING is vital to success. Learned that the hard way with Sylvie. I hope it's easy peasy for you.

  2. those mocs are cute... the ones i wanted were $60 and I just couldn't justify that for speedy growing baby feet!

  3. Marilyn--Juliette likes going potty! We just need to be consistent about taking her :) hopefully it'll continue to go well! Thanks for the encouragement

    MK--freshly pickeds? I know I am he same way.

  4. Diapers are definitely easier in public. I'm tempted to put all 4 kids in diapers when we leave the house!


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