Love for Little Sister

Monday, October 21, 2013

Thank you so much for the kind comments/emails/texts I've received since my recent complain-y post. Sorta like going to the bathroom at a restaurant to make the food come (one of my favorite analogies), I wrote that post and now they've both started sleeping all night again! Hallelujah! (We had to put in some sleep training time, but right now, we're There. PTL.)

So I'll wish you happy Monday with the following montage (from one of my faves, the Earlybird IG filter)... What happened when we took some photos yesterday of the girls in their smocked pumpkin dresses (thanks, Grammy!).

Starts out innocently enough (if you're Jules)...

Oh wait, Molly is sitting next to me! I need to hug her...

Maybe a little tighter around her neck for good measure...

Wait, I probably need to wrestle her to the ground and lay on top of her (my default mode for some reason?)...

Mommy (and some discipline) to the rescue!

Yeah. We're working on "gentle hands"


  1. Those are two adorable little girls, right there! Do you just squeal inside everytime you look at them?


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