Juliette at 2

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Daily there are things she does/says that cause me to think, "I want to remember this forever."

I will probably continue to edit this post as I think of them, but here a few off the top of my head:

  • She says "hold you" instead of "hold me." Like, "Mommy, hold you!" We cannot bring ourselves to correct her on this.
  • She still says "dee" instead of "yes." Another phrase I am not yet ready to outgrow. She knows how to say yes, and what it means, but default is still "dee." I'm sorry, but this is the best. Sometimes when she is trying to be fancy, she'll say, "dee, yessir."
  • The Friday before her birthday, we went to the dollar store, just the 2 of us, to get some party supplies. We were strolling down the aisle, Juliette in the cart, and she kept looking side to side and saying, "Hmmm...what else?"
  • Hates wearing bows, ponytails, etc. Aunt Martha got her some sparkly hairbands for her birthday that have been marginally more successful; but in general, she likes her hair natural and free (ha)
  • Loves "makeups" eg, chapstick...loves smearing on her lips and then dipping her finger into the tube for more. Lovely.
  • Loves playing "blocks" and "ball" - she's actually pretty good at throwing. Not into babydolls at all, but loves her new Woody doll. She has been falling asleep at night pulling his pull-string. She will even make this motion on her back like she wants to pull her own string. Ha! One of my favorite memories from her birthday party was when she opened Woody and started pulling his string, she was so excited, she would look at us and say excitedly, "hear it?? hear it??"
  • She has a startlingly wonderful memory. Better than ours apparently, because we forget this sometimes.
  • She loves "cookin'" and will start scooting over the chair to the island whenever I am standing there seeming like I'm about to start something. See this post. 
  • Her favorite songs are "I Love Rock 'n Roll," "The Lonely Goatherd," "Do Re Mi," "ABC" (Jackson 5 version and regular version), "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)," "Rise 'n Shine," and the Sesame Street theme song.

The above photo was taken by Juliette's uncle Stephen Jerkins in their beautiful backyard on our recent visit to Nashville. The dress was mine, given to me by my Granny who passed away recently. I had my two-year-old picture taken in it. A framed version of that picture always hung in Granny's bedroom, wherever she lived. As soon as I knew I was pregnant with a girl, my granny always talked about how she wanted a picture of Juliette in this dress at age 2. Sadly, she missed seeing it by several months, but I am so glad we'll have it as a reminder of her (and, it's cute).

I love this darling girl. She has changed my life.

in case you missed it: Juliette's birthday video

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  1. Riggins did the "hold you" thing too and I'll never forget the first time he said "hold me." I just about had a weepy breakdown in the middle of the zoo! Juliette is such a doll! Excited to see her and meet Molly next month!


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