I'm One of Those People...

Thursday, August 08, 2013

I know, this is a pretty generic postpartum blog post topic, but I'm going ahead and writing it because I need to read it as much (if not more than anyone). The topic: nursing and leftover lumpiness after baby.

Not sure I've written much specifically about nursing in the past but here goes. I realize I've been a lucky mommy that for both of my babies, breastfeeding has been a successful/non-stressful endeavor and actually one of my (many) great and favorite blessings of having children thus far. I cherish the one-on-one time with my babies, and marvel that my body can produce exactly what they need to grow and thrive. How incredible.

To take it a step further, I realize I'm even luckier that despite working full-time and pumping during the day 5 days out of the week, I have a very good (over?)supply and can keep up with the baby actually outpace what the baby needs most days. The blessings in this regard continue: when Juliette was seriously ill and in the hospital for 14 days at 4 months old, I was able to pump the entire time and we resumed nursing successfully as she got well. I was supremely thankful and we had 6 more months of this time together.

When I step back and type this all out, I'm like, Duh. You are lucky. This is an awesome time in life with you and your baby. A time to bond and be close and sustain her like no one else can. Think of the spiritual parallels! Enjoy it. Etc.

Day-to-day? My vanity takes a beating. There's obviously a lesson in there somewhere about dying to self (it's not about me, again, uh).

Re: the title above, I think I'm one of those people who hangs on to their post-baby "lumpiness"  while breastfeeding. Sweet. It just taaaakes me a while, people. Here we are, 5 months (!) after the fact, and I'm still looking like the baby's exit wasn't too long ago. I've been doing C25K 3 times/week, diligently (no kidding, and loving it). I've been (mostly) doing weight watchers (extra points while nursing) for several months. Here's the thing though, friends...I'm just hungry (and thirsty). I dare say the first few weeks post-baby is the hungriest I get in the entire grow-a-baby-have-a-baby cycle.

ANYWAY. This is just a post to say I need to step back, take a chill pill on the slowwwwwwwwwwness of the weight loss, and just be extra proud of and thankful for nursing Molly for now.

If you're also "one of those" that holds on to the extra while nursing, be proud of what you're doing for your baby! Cherish the sweet moments together since they're gone in a flash! You are sustaining a human life. It's really incredible.


  1. Longtime reader, first time commenter. :)

    Nearly nine months postpartum and I'm still embracing the chub as I nurse my sweet boy. The fact that you've established a running (ish) routine and diet is inspiring and way more than I could say for myself! It won't be long till you're back to your fighting weight.

    In the meantime, you're seeing the bigger picture here, and that's what matters most.

  2. Ok, at first glance of your title I thought you were going to write about lumpy boobs...ha! But to the actual content, YES! After nursing two babies for over a year, I now feel that the whole "nursing makes you lose weight" thing is a lie. Perhaps it is true in those early weeks when your uterus is contracting, but after that I felt like nursing kept me from losing weight until I weaned for precisely the reasons you mentioned. Nursing requires eating well and often, and losing weight requires cutting calories. After Riggins, I finally started to lose some when I started Jazzercise at 9 months postpartum, but I didn't really get my body back completely until I weaned at 13 months. Same was true with Rhett. All that to say, you're not alone, and the sacrifices of nursing (though totally worth it) are a full-body experience! ;)

  3. Just 5 months?! Most people are still lumpy at 5 months, friend. Eat up and feed that baby!

  4. The lumpiness will go away, the bonds you are forging with your babies will not! P.S. I am with you on the post-baby hunger and thirst. I never felt full no matter how much I ate, it was weird (but kind of fun?).


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