Dining Room Curtains and TGIF

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday, amigos!
uh, what are you doing there, Ma?

For the four of you who are into this topic, we finally hung our dining room curtains. I purchased the fabric for these puppies in January of 2012. Yes, you read that right. The fabric sat in my closet for a year before I decided to make completing this project a goal of maternity leave (have the fabric made into curtains and then hung). We're only 3 months behind the goal, but lookie, they're D.O.N.E.! (Btw...Many thanks to my dear friend Laura for coordinating having these made.)

Here's a blurry/messy/crooked/terrible/awful nighttime Before pic, but I'm posting it anyway because it makes the After look that much more glamorous!

 (If you want to see more before-befores of the room, here's a post that shows the room in its original Professor Plum glory.)

Aaaaaaand the after...

I got this fabric at a local fabric store in the remnant section, and it cost the EXACT amount of the gift certificate I had gotten (thank you, Mommy)! How fortuitous is that? This photo was taken when I had backed all the chairs out of the room for the birthday party/to vacuum, but we DO have chairs!

I just love and NEVER ceased to be amazed at how curtains completely change a room. It is really mind-boggling. We have always loved this big window overlooking our backyard, and for me, these curtains just accentuate it, and bring some much-appreciated color on the scene.

File that one under Stuff That Took Forever! But yippee nonetheless.

Because I can't help it, here's my big 2-year-old riding her new trike. Daddy is looking very cool and my subjects are blurry, but just LOOK at how proud she is riding that thing! I just love it. She can pedal a little too, while you're pushing her. 

Broken record of the internet right now, but I'm SO excited for fall and more family strolls (before Daylight Savings comes to smack us around).

Looking forward to some concentrated time with my little bunny foo-foos/main squeeze this weekend...

Hope yours is great too!


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