23 Months and Ready

Monday, August 05, 2013

She's turning 2 on Saturday.

(This whole month, I've been reveling in thoughts of little Leslie at this 23 months, the age I became a big sister. What a great big sister Juliette is becoming!)

I'm ready for her to turn 2. My heart aches to think of my baby as a whole two years old, but I don't wish it away. I love this version of her so much. The past 6 weeks or so, her maturity has just exploded. She speaks in little sentences regularly, her comprehension of what we are saying is mind-blowing, and her memory stops me in my tracks often. She will go and fetch things for us if we ask!

Our day school has an open house every summer, so the parents can meet the teachers from the new rooms (today is the first day of the new "school year" btw). I was talking with Juliette's new teacher and asking about the age range in this room---there will be 16 kiddos total (up from 11 this past year), ranging from late July-early November birthdays. Her past rooms have had 8 weeks-ish type age ranges, so they've all been really close. Anyway, the teacher was telling me how she is glad that they're all a little closer in age than what she had this past year so they can just all "go on and turn 2...let's just do it."

I hadn't heard anyone refer to this birthday in that way, but as I've thought about it more, I guess I can see what she means. Once you're 2, gone are the days of referring to them as x number of months. You're just "2." Development is still explosive, though perhaps not quite so much so. Infancy and babydom are done. Toddlerhood is 100% here. "Let's just do it!"

And she's ready.


  1. I distinctly remember Riggins turning two and feeling the same way. When he turned one I was so in denial and sad about it. When he turned two, it was like his age finally matched up to the little boy I was seeing grow more and more each day. It was like, "Well of course you're two!" Kind of funny how that happens. (And would you believe it really does just keep getting more fun!?!)

  2. I'm so glad to hear we're not the only ones "ready for 2!". Grant and I were just discussing this the other day. I absolutely love this age! And Jules is certainly a wonderful big sis!


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