2014 One Page Calendar

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Early bird alert!

I've now found this thing to be indispensable when trying to plan things ahead of time. My calendar-thinking brain wants to have this available at the ready, oh starting around July the year before.

Also, I've found a wayyyyyy better way to link to this thing for you all! Thanks to my friend Hannah, who basically just googled it for me when I asked if she knew a better way to post PDFs. Uh yeah, I've heard of lmgtfy.com. Oops.

Just click on the link, and it should take you to Google Drive and you can print it from there. Duh! So easy.

2014 One Page Calendar - Color

Aaaand the black & white version should you need it: 2014 One Page Calendar - Black and White

Here's a visual on this year's version:

If you need help, have questions, or just want it emailed, my contact info is on the sidebar. May 30 is the big day for us next year...my husband GRADUATES! (I need to do a post on all that soon. Plus other bloggy things to catch up on, like birthday parties and second children.)

Doing what I can since 2011...

**UPDATE** We have designed 2014 Day Planners that you can see and purchase HERE if you're interested. Spiral-bound, weekly spreads, laminated cover, cute. Go fer it.


  1. Thanks for these! I print two - one for work and one for home. I've been tracking my pregnancy on it this year!

    1. Marilyn, I think that is why I originally made it--to be able to track weeks w Jules! Hope you're feeling ok. Not much longer! Can't wait to hear the news of baby Will.

  2. Thank you so much for making these calendars. I lost the link originally and thanks to pinterest was able to find your calendars again! I use them at work and love how cute they are!

  3. Thank you for commenting! Glad you enjoy them.

  4. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Thanks for the calendar! Found with a Google search; one of the first hits for "2014 calendar one page" images. Happy New Year!

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