Baby's First Independence Day, Take II

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Another year, another baby's first July 4th! I know. Finally getting my act together and posting some photos from July Fourth! It's a doozie.

Jonathan was OFF this year, and it was so fun having our whole little family at the neighborhood parade! All of the girls' grandparents were there, plus Aunt Martha & Uncle T, plus Jules' buddies Elliot, Lilly, TWO Charlies... it was such a blast.

This one was old enough to run in the firetruck's water spray this year!

It was just the best, watching her go free. She had learned how to jump just last week, so getting airborne in the puddles was a favorite...

I resurrected my dessert contest aspirations and made this pie...

It won first place (out of two entries, ha!). I only got one bite, but it was pretty good I think? If you happen to make it, double the amount of cornstarch it calls for. I also used my favorite pie crust recipe instead of the one listed.

I just love these girls. Lilly, Jules, and Elliot are all about a month apart. Lilly just turned two yesterday (!), Jules' birthday is in one month, and then Elliot's is in September. It has been so fun watching them grow and learn how to interact with each other more and more as they get older....really remembering each other, hugging, learning to play (in Juliette's case, we're aiming for "gentle"). And gosh do I love their mommies!

...There they are, standing next to the float... aspiring Pidgeon Estates queens?

Here's Jules and Aunt Martha looking at the water spray...

And here was last year! Look at my little baby!
 (she is making the same confused expression in each pic. I will have to ponder that some more.)
We'll have another baby's first Independence Day next year with my new niece! SO excited!!!

Regretfully, we failed to get a pic of the four of us, though we got this one (blurry as it is):
And here's my Molly Wolly, making her parade debut!
Thanks to Leah for this one--I neglected to get a straight-on pic of this buttercup in her stroller and patriotic garb and man do I regret it. She was quite the edible sight!

Molly and pretty Nana:

That baby was an absolute dream at the parade, oh gosh I was trying not to think about it too hard she was so good. She was just pleasantly along for the ride, didn't fuss, and was just happy to be there!

It was one of the best crowds I've ever seen at this parade in over 20 years of having it! The weather was bearable, and everyone seemed to be having such a time.

Later the evening (after loooooong naps), we went to Tuck's house for our annual Tumber/Carkins cookout and enjoyed BBQ, burgers, and homemade ice cream! Juliette would still be swinging in Tuck's swing right this minute if we hadn't taken her home, she loved it so.

In the end, we decided that this could quite possibly have qualified as the best day of Juliette's young life so far. Between the parade, seeing all those friends/family, the firetruck hose, bites of a sno cone, Tuck's swing, a slide, 2 different hamburgers (!), and homemade ice cream, it was quite a doozie. She went to sleep quite happy and tired that night!

I posted this on instagram, but I can't believe last year on the Fourth I didn't yet know we were pregnant (we found out like July 7 or something). And here we are, with another baby girl at this year's parade. Don't get freaked out, my body is not quite up to a three-peat, but it has been fun this week, reminiscing on discovering our little surprise baby last summer.

Back at the home front, we are really enjoying this playhouse, gifted to us by the Bakers (thank you, Bakers!). Juliette loves dining al fresco (or fake al fresco, since she's really in a house of sorts?).

Enduring the heat of summer is almost worth it for such a great holiday as Independence Day, celebrating our country and the freedoms we enjoy every day. Thanks, USA!

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