This Is My Dad For You

Monday, June 17, 2013

My dad always has a new trick up his sleeve. I swear...every time I think I've seen all his tricks, he comes out with something else. Here's the latest.

I'm not sure when this whole thing started, but it's been a month or two. There's this picture of me as a baby, I think I'm around 16-17 months...well, here it is.

(the picture itself is sort of blurry, our version isn't out of focus)

So my dad got on this kick of wanting to recreate it with Juliette. The man went into a Carter's store BY HIMSELF. Anyone who has met my dad probably just got a good chuckle out of that mental picture. Mr. Businessman going into a Carter's store, alone! Hilarious. The lady working actually asked him what he was doing in there. I wish I had been a fly on the wall for that exchange...

He procured some yellow shorts in that outing, but was really having a hard time finding striped polo shirts for girls. He kept saying, "I can't believe they don't make things like this for girls anymore!" We kept reminding him, Dad, it's not 1985 anymore...

They found a shirt finally, from Land's End (even got her initials put on it!), and a pair of new Keds later we were ready. The photo shoot was yesterday, (fittingly) on Father's Day.

Look at this girl!

My busy-busy-busy (this is an understatement) girl was adorably/surprisingly amenable to this process, just as her Deeda (grandad) knew she would be! I am having a hard time not posting about 10 more from this session...

Here's the side-by-side comparison (Leslie Taylor left, Juliette Taylor right):

There's a 6 month or so age difference between us, but I think it's still pretty close.

Thanks, Dad, for keeping us all on our toes! I will certainly treasure these photos of my faux-80s baby.

Happy Father's Day to my daddy, Juliette's (WONDERFUL!) daddy, my father-in-law, our grandads, and all the sweet men in our lives who have invested themselves in us, making us the people we are today.


  1. I just think it is wonderful your dad pulled this off. I don't think my dad would ever think of something like this, let alone go to Carters.

  2. So cute and they are wearing a wonderful polo shirts which i really like.

  3. That is maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen. How amazing of your dad!

    I lament with him the lack of more gender-neutral baby clothes for boys and girls, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish. I can't get over this! Hope the side-by-side is destined for a frame somewhere.


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