On Blogging, As a Parent

Monday, June 10, 2013

In general, I think I do a fairly good job of not over-sharing really personal things about my children on social media platforms. I do/did monthly updates on their developmental stuff, and have shared a few funny stories and milestones, but I try to keep the really personal stuff for my personal relationships.

Recently, and in this phase of life where lots of my peers also have young children, I have become increasingly struck by how MUCH is shared of our children on the world wide web (yes, that's world-wide), free for anyone on the planet to read. And all before they are old enough to have any say in it!

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say except I want to be a good steward of our family's history while protecting my children before they can protect themselves. I love that I can write things on this blog and access them from any internet device for all eternity. It's a great way to update family and friends about what's going on, and of course a great way to record things and help [those of us with a terrible memory] remember. But, as my husband constantly reminds me, you never know who's reading. I definitely try to be conscious of this while writing my posts...but am I being conscious enough?

Another point to consider is this: this family content I speak of... the personal stories and parenting stuff... THIS is the stuff I absolutely love to read on the internet right now! Without the internet, I wouldn't have learned about the 2-3-4 sleeping technique, or homemade baby food recipes, potty training (when the time comes), or my-kid's-not-the-only-one-who-does-this flavor of the day. So is it fair that I'm devouring something I'm not willing to put forth? (Obviously yes, yes it is, because it's the free-world internet, people can do what they choose.)

I think it's natural and right for a mother to want to share about the biggest thing going in her life right now---her beautiful babies... but I am challenging myself to proceed with caution. In 15 years, will my girls look back at this blog and read the stories I've curated of their early years with dread/annoyance or appreciation? I sure hope it's the former. I'm not saying I want to hang up shop here (or go private), but I do want to be mindful of their best interest, while producing meaningful content (if only meaningful for me).

What about yall? Do you feel you have a pretty good grasp on where the "line" is?

Further reading on the subject, here.

p.s. Can I tell you that my firstborn is 22 months old today, and can we mourn the fact that this really means there's only one more day after today when I can say she's x number of months, and not just "2" or whatever?


  1. I think you do a wonderful job of sharing in a very appropriate way! I definitely know ( and have read) plenty of over sharers out there....

  2. I probably over share. That's the problem with having a blog that is like a journal. I have considered making my blog private. Definitely something to ponder - I don't generally consider Sylvie's rights or her thoughts about my blog.

  3. Funny, but I think I'm a best case scenario-er about this :)

  4. I definitely think about this a lot! I want to be honest, yet show Evelyn in the best light for our memories... to me, this means not posting any pictures of anything diaper/bathroom related and not sharing anything that isn't milestone-related or funny (or so run-of-the-mill that it couldn't possibly be embarrassing in the future).


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