On Returning to Work

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I don't write much, if anything, about my day job on here, in the interest of professionalism and keeping things on the world wide internet on the up-and-up and all that.

But actually, I really love my job...I work in marketing, for a local commercial real estate company. It's been a really great fit for me, and something I've been able to find passion in.

This being my second time returning to full-time work after birthing a precious baby girl, I thought it might be easier... but alas. Because you see, this little face and I have been inseparable for the past 12 weeks...

(does she look like her daddy or what?) 

Such a mixture of emotions I felt this morning...I loved getting up, getting dressed, putting on makeup and having somewhere to be. I love being able to go somewhere that supports our family, especially while Daddy is in school.

But, like I said...THIS FACE! Look at it! I missed her today of course, but tearing me up even more was the thought of her missing me and being confused about where she was. But she had a great report this evening when I picked her up, and was happily sitting and waiting, with an instant smile for me.

My mom keeps reminding me how resilient babies are. Surely today was the toughest day, and she won't even remember it. I KNOW all this because we've done it before (c'mon Leslie). My Juliette is one of the happiest kiddos I know.

It was weird last week, my last week on leave, knowing that "real life" was starting again last week, and the time off would seem like such a dreamy haze so quickly. I will definitely cherish my time with her all the more, as I do/did with her big sissy.


  1. You're a great mom, Les, and your girls are going to have so much admiration and respect for you someday when they are able to grasp the important way you supported your family. It is such a gift to have a job you love, fantastic childcare, AND such a beautiful family. Proud of you, friend!

  2. ohh, I already dread this day for me a little... and mine isn't even here yet! As I get all my ducks in a row to leave work for maternity leave in a few short weeks, I keep thinking how much I want to make sure I enjoy and embrace that time b/c i know it will be fleeting!


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