Molly's Birth Announcement

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Been meaning to share this for a while... I was actually really on the ball with this one. It was completely designed and ready before Molly was born, just waiting for a photo and her birth details!

I asked my good friend Andrea Ballenger, who did artwork for the nursery and Juliette's big girl room, to do the watercolored nametag for me. The original hangs in Molly's nursery now. Thank you, Andrea! You completely captured my vision.

I just love how it turned out! Jonathan took the photo.

We actually got them in the mail 2 weeks after she was born! I surprised even myself.


  1. Leslie, they are beautiful--of course. I love how the texture of the photo complements the stripes on the card itself.

    Shiv was almost the exact same size at birth--7 lb 6 oz & 19"!

  2. super impressed by your speedy delivery! And of course, adorable


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