One to Remember

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I'm 29 years old now. It's not so bad (it seems sort of the same as 28? I'm not saying that in a "ironic" way--I think I may feel a little different when actually 30? I dunno).

Today, I was driving with the windows down in the 80 degree weather, admiring the new green buds on the trees everywhere, the cherry blossoms at their peak (or just a little after), and thinking how just one week ago, it was 42 degrees, grey and drizzly, with wintery-stick trees surrounding us. Spring seemed so far away then...and here we are, one week later and bam! we're wearing sandals!

The analogy here is that I keep waiting for Molly's sleeping skills to surprise us in that same, maybe we'll suddenly look back over a week's span and think, "I can't believe this time last week she wasn't sleeping longer than 2-hour stretches."

Yep, the sleeping ju-ju you guys all wished on me for future babies when Juliette was sort of killing it (things like a 7-hour stretch at 2 weeks old) has come back around. I count myself lucky to get a 3 hour stretch of sleep at night (maybe happens once/night, sometimes not at all). However, the ladies of our house all came down with a cold last week so I can't be too hard on ole Molls--she didn't feel well at all for a few days and still has some lingering congestion.

My little Molly girl is such an absolute sweetheart though! I am loving her little self and treasuring the time I have to spend just staring at her little face. I love our days together. I love moments spent with her sleeping on my chest. These days are fleeting, and I've maybe hit a stride where I'm tired but functional. She may not sleep for long periods, but she doesn't fuss when she wakes up, just eats and goes back to sleep.

*** (here's where the "One to Remember" part starts)

So today? I haven't taken too many trips out with both girls yet (or really been at home with them much alone either, Jonathan has been off and home until this week) -- and oh boy, it was a multiple children baptism-by-fire experience, to be sure.

It started with a car ride home with both babies crying, Molly for an unknown reason, and Juliette because she'd gotten in trouble for tearing apart the styrofoam part of her carseat (uh, yeah). We got home and I got Molly out first which made Juliette even more upset. I somehow got both girls into Juliette's room and calm (after several more minutes of craziness) so I could feed Molly while Juliette played in a confined space (yes, necessary).

Juliette was coloring on the floor and accidentally rolled a crayon underneath the chair I was sitting in feeding the baby, so she crawled under the chair to retrieve it. She popped her little face up at my armrest, holding up to show me a wiggling cockroach! I involuntarily shrieked (of course) and kinda motioned her hand away so it flew across the room, all of which of course completely freaked her out and she totally lost it.

I had to pull the tiny one off from her feeding source (which made her pretty mad), and rushed Juliette to the bathroom to wash her hands, trying to calm her down, telling her not to pick up bugs, but everything is ok. Poor thing, I hope I didn't scar her for life. We left the dying roach in her room and relocated to the nursery so I could finish feeding the baby, calming Juliette down with some Sesame Street youtube videos. Poor gal. I felt so awful. All evening she kept looking up to us and repeating "No no bugs" and "grossssth, grossssth."

Poor little cutie.

I hope they survive my learning curve. I'm new.


  1. I'm pretty impressed with her ability to catch a cockroach! Those things are speedy!

  2. I love this story. She picked up a cockroach while you were nursing. Priceless.


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