Molly Frances // One Month Old

Monday, April 15, 2013

On April 8 this year, I not only turned 29 years old, but also celebrated one month of life for this little cutie pie!

This bootcamp first month of baby was a little less shocking to the system this time around. Not only have I have had a much easier physical recovery from childbirth, but Jonathan and I both would say we feel more confident in caring for this little pipsqueak. Breastfeeding has not been a question mark (though geez, no break on the soreness with the 2nd babe), and I have a living, breathing reminder that these long and sometimes tough but precious first days are fleeting (thank you, big sister). 

Plus, this baby is just SWEET. Yes, in the first weeks, she went through some fussiness in the evening (coupled with cluster feeding), has slept some really short stretches (30 minutes, anyone?), and got her first cold and high temp.

But people, I put this baby down in her bed awake and she lays there quietly until she goes to sleep. Even if it takes 20 minutes. I'm serious. She's not sleeping super long stretches yet (currently around 3-4 hours at the longest, with one gold star of a 6.5 hour stretch), but she wakes up, eats, and goes back to sleep. No fussing, no drama. I think she's going to hit her stride soon.

During her awake time in the day, she stares up at my face or looks around, so contentedly. I just love her. She favors Jules to me, but she is not a spitting image--looks like her own little self.


You have joined our family in such a sweet way. I am perceiving that you are going to continue developing your laid back spirit, content to let big sissy keep the spotlight for now. You put up with some rough "hugs" and "kisses" from her--literally, rolling with the punches. 

Your hair is quite the hit wherever you go! I bathe you, comb it down, and it's back poufed up under a minute. I just love it, it has quite the mind of its own. I love watching you sleep with your little crown of hair spraying up above. 

You eat every 2 hours when awake, wear size 1 diaper, and 0-3 month clothes (still some newborn gowns). 

The gratuitous falling-over photo:

I love you Molly girl! Can't wait to watch you grow.

Juliette at one month

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